Human Rights Day Activities and Events

The 10th of December 1948 was officially decided as the Human Rights Day by the United Nations General Assembly. This was the world’s first enunciation of Human Rights. On 4 December 1950, the assembly invited all nations and organizations which are interested to join this group. This day is treated as one of the most important day in the calendar of United Nations. The establishment of this day was to promote the right to equality between all the nations and organizations.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrated its 60th anniversary on 10 December 2008. This society also launched Human Rights Council which takes care of problems and queries which are lodged at its desk. This council is indifferent to the applicant’s nationality, sex, religion, language, cast or creed.

What do Human Rights do

On the day of Human Rights, UN has designed or given this day as an opportunity for everyone to participate and come forward in joining hands to become one. This day there are many volunteers who help in conduction guest lectures and high profile speakers who speak about the importance of human rights. Some of the goals for Human Rights Day are-

  • To promote the importance of Human Rights on a global scale.
  • Improve the awareness
  • Coordinate the activities with famous celebrities and social workers.

By fulfilling the above conditions, UN expects the worldwide nations to accept and understand the necessity of having global Unity in Diversity.

Events on Human Rights Day

On this particular day there are many events and activities which are held to spread the awareness of equality and unity in diversity. There are lots of activates which schools and colleges can conduct so that even children can be aware of it and provoke them to take up initiative in the future.
Here are some of the activities which one can take up in a classroom environment.

  • One of the most important activities which a teacher can conduct is to ask the students to do a research and present a document which gives their opinion about human rights. It is ideal to divide the students in groups which will help the students to build team spirit and also understand each other’s perspective. By doing this there is a multiple dimension which is created to the topic which will also help the other students to understand each other’s views on the topic.
  • Use materials which will stimulate the students intellectually. That is, one can present the material to the students which will prick their brain in a positive direction. Usage of newspaper clippings, presenting documentation about human rights act or national convention of human rights etc. This will give the students better understanding about the actual cause of Human Rights and explain its necessity in the present world.
  • Group discussion is another vital aspect which will help the teachers also to understand and conclude upon finding a new perspective to Human Rights. This will also bring down the complexity of the vast topic to a general scale. Exercise like voting, surveying opinion and key points will help the class to understand the value of unity in opinion. This exercise wills emphasis on why unity is necessary in the contemporary world.
  • Encourage the students to start up a campaign about the awareness of the human rights, conduct lectures, open workshops etc. These activities will compel the student to actively participate in the awareness programs and in turn help in understanding the value of Human Rights.

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