Career as HR Manager

The term Human resource manager is related to the recruiting needs of any an organization. A human resource manager is a person who works with executives to look upon the hiring needs of a company.

What a HR Manger do

The responsibilities of a HR Manger includes Planning, Designing, and implementation of human resources policies and programs. Human Resource Manager is engaged in duties like compensation and benefits etc. Staffing, training, employee relations, health and safety are another issues that a HR Manger has to look upon.

Duties associated

Human resource manager is involved to do the following:

  • He make plan, coordinate an organization’s staff to best use workers’ talents.
  • Create a link between organization’s management and its employees.
  • Involves to direct employee services.
  • He give advice to managers related to organizations’ policies, such as giving equal  
  • employment opportunity and steps to take against sexual harassment etc.
  • He is involved in coordination and supervision of the work of specialists.
  • He also support staff to supervise an organization’s interview, selection, recruitment, and hiring process.
  • He is involved in handling staffing issues, for example: mediating disputes and directing disciplinary procedures.

How to become a HR Manager

The candidature of a human resource manager is a combination of related education and years of work experience. With strong interpersonal skills, a person need a bachelor’s degree for most positions, but there are some jobs that require a master’s degree too.

The right education

The perfect education to become a Human resource manager is usually a bachelor’s degree in human resources, or in business administration. As a second alternative, candidates can also complete a bachelor’s degree in some other field and opt for the courses in human resources subjects, for example organizational development, industrial relations, or industrial psychology.  There are some other positions too which could be filled by experienced individuals with other backgrounds, for example: finance, business management, information technology, education etc. If a person has done MBA in Human Resource; it can do wonder.

What is the salary of a HR Manager

The annual salary of Human Resources Manager vary depending upon number of factors. These factors includes; the industry he works in, the size of the company, the location of job, his education level and years of experience. According to a survey, the average pay of a Human Resource Manager is approximate $60,923 per year. But again, it depends upon the experience he has and the organization he opted to work for.

Human resource career path

There are number of career path that a person can choose while being in Human Resource Management. A person can choose to become:

HR Consultant

This is a carrier path where a person can make lot of money.  A human resource consultant is a person who can charge a high rate to a company. A Human resource consultant must have specialization in variety of fields, such as employee incentives, benefits, reward programs, etc. It is a career path where money making is not a big issue.  

Training and Development Manager

Next comes the training and development manager. If a person loves teaching then this is the right path for him. A training and development manager helps improving the skill sets and careers of employees. They are involved in conducting training classes for employees in the form of workshops, conferences, specially-held classes, and different types of gatherings. If a person like teaching masses’ and have the capability to speak; this career path is a very much satisfying.

HR Entrepreneur

If a person have the ability to rule, then entrepreneurship is best for him. Doing our own business instead of working for someone else is always helpfully to make passive income. As an HR Entrepreneur, a person can run HR consulting firm, employee placement companies, headhunting firms etc. If HR is somebody’s skill and he is brilliant with people having a killer work talent, then Hr Entrepreneur is a lucrative option to choose.

Executive recruiter

It’s a carrier path which is related to building relationships with people. An Executive recruiters’ task is related to finding and filling job openings for senior levels, for example: C-level executives which includes CEOs of a company, as well as people in vice presidential positions. Generally, Executive recruiters get paid when they are successful in filling up a position in a company.

Human Resource IT Specialist

Where there is a boom of IT today, it is one of the most handsome option. It combines advance role of technology in HR. It is one of the highly paid position in Human Resource Management.

Anyone with knowledge of software/hardware with a combined interest in human resource can be a HR IT specialist. The position had lot of benefits such as a HR IT expert could be IT architect, software developer, systems administrator, etc. having technical expertise that can be applied to a company’s human resource system.

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