Hug Your Cat Day 2017

Hug Your Cat day stands out from among all the interesting holidays on the calendar simply because this is a day dedicated to showing our cuddly fluff balls just how much we love them. Celebrated all over the world, the importance of the day is the way we appreciate the unconditional love we get from our pets through various activities  particularly through hugs. Cat lovers have a lot of wonderful ways to express their love for their pets, but this wonderful national holiday makes it all the more special. The best part of the day, however, is the satisfaction of seeing you fur ball purr with delight as you pet and hug.

The Health Benefits and Origin of the Day

Interestingly a search for the origin of the day would leave you empty handed. There is no information available for either the creator or the origin of the day. However, on a more positive note, available information and supporting documents prove that this holiday has been around for a long time. Celebrated world-wide, Hug Your Cat Day, benefits both pets and their owners. The sheer pleasure of a hug makes both the giver and the receiver happy. Happiness has been scientifically proven to be the single most reason for a longer and healthier life.

The Importance of the Day for Cat Lovers

On the downside, the importance of the day is lost for those people who do not have cats for the most obvious reason- they have no cat to hug! The obvious solution for such an occurrence is to check out your neighbors or even the local shelter and find a cat that needs a hug. Cat lovers who do not have a pet for any number of reasons could use this holiday as an excuse to get themselves a cat, especially one from the local shelter for whom the gesture would make a major difference to celebrate the importance of the day.

Interesting Thoughts on How to Celebrate the Day

It is an interesting thought that feline lovers would not need any instructions or guidance on how to celebrate the day simply because having a cat around would mean that a major part of your time is spent in hugging and petting them. Cats like all other pets rejoice in being petted and pampered. Hugging your pet is the among the most important activities that cats and their owners bond over. The other activities that cats love is being scratched and brushed.

Activities that can make the Day Extra Special

All activities on the 4th of June are planned to show our appreciation and love for our feline friends. While Hug Your Cat day is a day dedicated to cats, let it not restrict you from showing your love to all those around you. Everybody appreciates a gesture of love, with or without a special day to celebrate it. Make time in your life to show your appreciation for your family, friends, neighbors and pets. Each and everyone of them do make a difference in our lives.

Hug Your Cat Day 2017