Hug an Australian Day 2017

April 26th is designated as Hug an Australian Day.

Do you personally know anyone who is Australian? Planning a visit?  If you have an Australian friend, then give them a hug just for the fun of it on this day.  There is no particular history behind this – it was set up to foster friendship and goodwill between people.

If you are in Australia and want to celebrate this day, then make sure to check out local customs and let people know before you hug them.  This day has gained a lot of popularity.  One can find web pages, e-cards and other paraphernalia surrounding this occasion.

 Websites like have patent rights to this holiday – all that is required is to give any Australian you know a big bear hug to show that you love and care about them.  It is a good idea to let your friends know that you care about them – if you forget to do so in general, this day is a good reminder to everyone. 

The act of hugging a person cuts across culture lines to show that you care about them.  Hugs do a lot of good for both – the receiver and the giver.  People give hugs to show that they care or to express gratitude.  So, go out there and show your appreciation for all your friends – especially the Australian ones.

Hug an Australian Day 2017