Hug a GI Day 2017

Appreciate and honor US military soldiers on Hug a GI day

Among other traditional days such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day that are celebrated to recognize and honor the service and sacrifice of soldiers in the United States Armed Forces, the Hug a GI day has its own significance. Since 1996 American citizens have identified March 4 as Hug a GI Day to honor and appreciate the services of the members in US military. Even though it is not a national holiday, every year on March 4th citizens of US celebrate this wonderful day to remember and respect American soldiers past and present. As it is the only date on the calendar that sounds like a military command “march forth” this particular day has been selected as a token of tribute to the army people.

Celebrating this remarkable Day:

  • It is a great day to acknowledge the service and commitment of both men and women who have risked their lives to keep the country safe and secure. So it is the obligation of every citizen to remember and say thanks to those GI members for their invaluable act of bravery in protecting and serving the country.
  • There are many ways to honor service members on this Hug a GI day such as providing donations to military organizations, or sending gifts to a deployed troops or taking part in the special programs that are offered to support the military personnel.
Hug a GI Day 2017