What is the HSPT Test ?

The High School Placement Test is often abbreviated as HSPT Test. It is a standardization test set for eighth-grade students to determine whether they can be accepted and placed in the ninth-grade classes of parochial schools. This test is sometimes referred to as “STS-HSPT” as it was formulated by the Scholastic Testing Service.

The HSPT test comprises of 298 questions and ranges approximately from an hour and forty five minutes to two and a half hours. This test is a multiple choice question paper. This conventional test is consistent with a mandated testing in the areas of language skill, vocabulary, and reading.

Cognitive Skills: The Cognitive Skills includes the Verbal Skills and the Quantitative Skills. Verbal skills assess the reasoning and usage of correct words . This determines the candidate's proficiency in reading and language.

The Quantitative skills involves solving problems based on numbers and quantities by using your reasoning skills. The content in this section focuses in mathematics, science and numbers.

Basic Skills: Basic skills include reading, math and language. Reading includes interpreting meaning of works and draw conclusions. Math evaluates the candidate's skills for solving problems and reasoning skills. Language assesses grammar, spelling usage, capitalization and punctuation of the candidate's knowledge in writing.

How to Prepare

Buy a secure HSPT study guide. You can also purchase material online or can check with a local library for the availability of CD-Roms or study guides for rent. Get familiar with the format of the test. The HSPT is a paper-pencil exam with five main multiple choice questions to be answered in 3.5 hour time period. Familiarize the candidate with the test content material. The analogies, synonyms, antonyms, logic and classification must be concentrated on. However, math skills require basic algebra and word problems.

Purchase flashcards for the sections in which you have the lowest scores. Prepare well and take tests. If the score is not satisfactory, study hard and take another online test. Compare the previous score with the current one. Hire a tutor if the score is persistently low.

How to Rank the Test ?

The HSPT Test is ranked on the bases of Cognitive Skills Quotient and Grade Equivalents. For the former, a score of 100 is minimum though it depends on the age you write the exam. Reading, math and language will be ranked in the latter.

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