How to Prepare For US Citizenship Test

No matter what they say about the condition of the US economy, the USA is still one of the most coveted destinations for immigration around the world. Immigration to US involves a lengthy procedure that includes the testing of the applicant on his knowledge about the various aspects of US civics and governance and of course, his skill in English.

The Format

The US citizenship test consists of an oral test where you are asked a total of 10 questions from a list of 100. You have to answer at least 6 of them correctly to pass the eligibility criteria. Hence, it’s mandatory that you study all the 100 questions as the questions can come from anywhere in the list. The questions would be asked by an official of the United Sates Citizenship and Immigration Service or the USCIS.

The Purpose

Well, naturally when you are planning to make a country your permanent home, you are expected to have some idea about it. The citizenship test is meant to help the applicant acquire a better understanding of the history, integrated civics and governance of the US. The revised format of the test testifies to this fact as the questions have been made tougher and calls for a more comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of US rather than just plain rote learning.

The Essential Difference

While in the earlier format, the questions started with at least seven questions based on the US flag, the new format restricts it to may be two. Whereas earlier you may have been asked to just identify the color and the number of stars in the flag, the present evaluation requires you to understand what the stars represent. So you cannot just breeze through with single worded answers too. The answers require you to provide more details by analyzing the meaning behind the question.

The difference is more obvious when it comes to questions related to the US government. Here too, the difficulty level has been increased. From the earlier pattern of questions based on the system of US government, the present questions expect you to have deeper knowledge about it.

It’s just a matter of being well prepared to qualify in the US citizenship test.