How to Prepare for British Citizenship Test

British Citizenship test is an important milestone in obtaining the permanent permit to live in the country. Hence it is important to be prepared for the test. Here are some techniques that you can adopt and pass the test successfully.

Mental Preparation

Since you have to study for the test, it is important to be first mentally prepared for the hard work. Have a route map of how you are going to prepare for the exam and how much time you may need to allot for it from your daily schedule. Prepare a time table for your preparation so that you know what you are doing. Avoid distractions during study time. Motivate yourself with auto suggestions.

Time Management

Planning for the test is the next step in the preparation. Take stock of the total waking hours of your day and see how much time is left after completing your routine obligations such as work, household chores etc. Having determined the free timings, make a time table of how to allot these hours for study. The best way to study any syllabus is to split it into workable bits. For instance keep numerical ability on one day, History on the next and so on. Try to study during the same timings every day; this will set your body and brain to this routine and pattern. Plan and prepare well before the date of the examination to avoid cramming in the last hour.

Methods to Employ

  • Here are a few tips on the methods you can employ for the study:
  • Mind mapping techniques are very useful in remembering difficult to memorize information. Here you connect the information in the form of a story or a song or make antonyms to enable you to recall the facts in an instant.
  • See if combined studies work for you. Reading and explaining chapters to friend will help you memorize and understand the subject better.
  • Take mock tests available online after you complete each chapter and revise the parts that you are not able to clear.
  • If you find some free time while commuting to work then use this time to recall the important points in a chapter or subject that you completed studying. This will plaster the facts in your brain very strongly.
  • These tips are sure shot techniques to prepare for British Citizenship Test.