How to Prepare Canadian Citizenship Test

Canadian Citizenship Test – the Preparation

The citizenship test is yet another criterion towards achieving the much coveted Canadian citizenship. Any person who wishes to become the permanent citizen of a country should have at least rudimentary knowledge of the various aspects of his adopted country. The Canadian citizenship test is essentially meant to evaluate the applicants’ information base about Canada.

The first step

When your application for Canadian citizenship has been received by the CIC, a free copy of the ‘Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship’ would be forwarded to you. The book is a 63 page guide meant to assist you in preparing for the citizenship test.

The need for preparation

Since the recent efforts by the Federal government to toughen the exam with the new format, the number of failures has increased drastically by 30%. Remember that your citizenship would not be considered unless you pass this test. Hence, it is advisable that you study this guide if you are serious about your Canadian citizenship. The book contains virtually all the relevant information regarding Canada. You are expected to memorize quite a lot of facts.

The format

The questions are in the multiple choice format. Though the CIC do not provide the actual copies of the test questions, there are enough websites that would give you mock tests to prepare yourself. There are even organizations that offer Immigration services that would train you for the test.

The topics

The test for Canadian citizenship tests your knowledge in election procedures, the right to vote and the requirements for contesting the elections, the responsibilities and rights of a Canadian citizen, the social, cultural and historical symbols of Canada, the political history of Canada and physical, political and geographical features of Canada.

The questioning

You can either go for the written test or the oral format. If you have difficulty in reading French or English, you would be asked to have a personal interview with the citizenship judge who would also take it as a chance to assess your speaking skills in the language.

The question of failure

Well, if you fail in the written test, you can always go for the interview. But if you flunk there too, the whole process would have to be started again. So, be well prepared if you wish to breeze through the Canadian citizenship test.