How To Book Canadian Citizenship Test

The Booking for the Canadian Citizenship Test

The test for Canadian citizenship is meant to assess the applicant’s knowledge on various aspects of Canadian history, geography, governance and citizenship rights and responsibilities. When your application for Canadian citizenship has been received by the CIC, the official guide, Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship would be given to you for preparation of the test.

The test date

If you fall between the age group of 18 and 54, you are considered eligible for Canadian citizenship test. It is better to start the preparation as soon as the study material is received. The new revisions in the question format have made it all the more tough leading to higher percentages of loss. Hence preparation is necessary.

The scheduling

The schedule for the test would be informed to the applicant by the CIC via a notice informing you the time and date for the citizenship test. In case you were unable to attend the first schedule of test that was informed by the CIC, do not panic. The CIC would take note of it automatically and would inform you about the revised test schedule through another notice.
The fixing of the schedule of timeframe for the Canadian citizenship test would vary from one office to another.

The oral aspect

The Canadian citizenship can also be done orally. This provision can be availed if you are unable to read either English or French. Again oral test is the option for you if you are failed to qualify for the written test. The tests would be administered by a citizenship judge in an interview that can last from 30 to 90 minutes.

The oral test is also seen as an avenue to determine the skills of the applicant in the spoken language. Here too, the schedule for the test is decided by the CIC.

The documentation

When you present yourself for the oral test, you are expected to have the original documents that you had submitted with your application. Passport and travel documents related to the four years before the submission of your application should also be presented.

The hurdle crossed

The information about your clearing the test would be received when you are invited by the CIC to the oath taking ceremony to receive your Canadian citizenship.