How to Book British Citizenship Test

The only way to book for the British Citizenship Test is through the online portal. In order to book the test the first thing to do is to register for an account. Here are the steps to book British Citizenship test:

1. Register for the British citizenship Test Account

  • In this step you will be briefed about the conditions of booking your test and the requirements for the booking. Accordingly, you would require the following:
  • A valid photo ID that confirms your identity. This could be a biometric residence permit, a passport from your country of origin, a valid UK driving license, a valid EU ID card, an approved travel document, your immigration status document. You could produce any one of these as proof of your identity.
  • Your email address which is required to create your login account. So if you do not have one then you would have to create one.
  • Knowledge of the life in UK so that you can take the test. It is a must to get the latest edition of the official Life in UK handbook. Currently you would be advised to purchase the 3rd edition of this book.

2. Choose a Test Session

  • Once you register on the website then you can login and book your test session. It is to be remembered that 7 days from the date of your booking, is the earliest that you are allowed to take the test.

3. Pay for the Test.

  • A credit or debit card is a must at this step. This is required to book the test through online.

Rules of Booking for British Citizenship Test

1. Only one person can make a booking at a time. If more than one person is booking for the test then it must be done separately for each person.

2. Once you have created your account you can book any number of times through this account. The only condition is that it must be only for you. You cannot book for any other person through your account.