How to Apply U.S Citizenship

After ascertaining the eligibility requirements for the United States citizenship, individual need to file Application for Naturalization (Form N-400). Following steps are required:-

Collect the Necessary Documents and Complete the Application: -

The form should be filled correctly and completely, otherwise the application may be delayed or denied, and individual have to proceed with an appeal.

Get Photographed:-

Have two passport-style photographs within 30 days of filling out the application at a site that is familiar with the specific requirements. Photo should be colored and the individual face should be clearly visible. Individual should write his or her name and number with pencil on the back of the photo.

Mail the Application to the USCIS Service center or Lockbox Facility: -

Include the following with the application: - Photos, a copy of individual permanent resident card, other documents, if necessary according to individual circumstances and the required application fee.

Get Fingerprinted: -

When the USCIS receives the application, individuals then asked to come to a specific location for giving fingerprints. Their fingerprints will be sent to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), to check the criminal background. If fingerprints are rejected, they need to provide more information to the USCIS. If fingerprints are accepted, individuals will receive a mail telling them when and where the interview will be held.

Interview: -

During the interview, individuals will be asked questions with regard to their application, background, character and willingness to take the Oath of loyalty to the United States. The interview process also includes: - an English test to determine their speaking, reading and writing skills & a civics test to determine their knowledge of U.S government and history.

Receive a Decision: -

The result of interview is communicated through the N-652 form. Based on the information given to USCIS, naturalization will be granted, continued or denied.

Take the Oath and become a U.S Citizen: -

If naturalization is granted, individuals are invited to complete naturalization process by taking the Oath of Allegiance. Once the individual have taken the Oath, they will receive the Certificate of Naturalization.