How to Apply Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship Application Process

The first hurdle towards attaining the citizenship of any country is the filling in of the application form. The same is the case with Canadian citizenship too. Once you have passed the eligibility criteria like 3 year of being a permanent resident in the country, you can progress to the next step of applying for the citizenship.

The documentation

The application for Canadian citizenship for adults which includes the checklist, the format for calculation of residence, the specifications for citizenship photograph, the receipt for the payment of fees, the guide of instructions – these are the basic documents that form the application form.

The criterion

Any individual who has completed a mandatory period of 3 year stay in Canada, has adequate knowledge of Canada, the citizenship duties and responsibilities and is proficient in either French or English is eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Tips for filling in

The application form for Canadian citizenship can be either filled online or can be done manually. The basic point to be remembered is that no column is to be left vacant even if the question does not apply to you. An unanswered space or incomplete answer may lead to the rejection or return of the application form.

In case a question does not apply to you and no instruction is given in the instruction manual regarding its filling in, the space has to be filled with the comment ‘not applicable’. A completed application form is proof that you have read through the form fully.

If the space provided is not sufficient to accommodate your answer, the full information can be provided in a separate paper and attach with the application form. But keep in mind to write down the correct code of the form being used by you. The number or the letter of the question should also be exact.

Other documents

The application for Canadian citizenship should be accompanied by the proof of your knowledge in either of the official languages of Canada. And do make sure that your residence calculator form is filled in without any errors.

Remember, the postal codes should be written for the address, both Canadian and oversees. Absolute care should be given to the filling in of the Canadian citizenship form to avoid unnecessary hassles.