How to Apply British Citizenship and Application Fees

The process of applying for British Citizenship starts only after the applicant has passed the British Citizenship Test. The test is mandatory for all (with some exceptions) after which you begin with forms for the application. Firstly, you need to download the online British Citizenship Application. As the majority of the applications fall under the naturalization process you can go ahead and download the AN (Application for Naturalisation) form.

Once you have downloaded and filled the application form, you need to enclose the relevant documents as mentioned in the form and an application fee of £50 payable to the Home Office. The next step is to submit the form to the Home Office.

Contents of the Application Form

The following are the contents of the AN application form:

1. The first page has instructions to the application booklet.

2. Section 1 consists of personal information to be filled by the applicant.

3. Section 2 is residence requirements where the applicant fills details on his stay in the UK.

4. Section 3 is good character requirements where details proving the character of the person are to be filled.

5. Section 4 is crown service where details of the recruitment in jobs at UK are to be filled.

6. Section 5 is referees and identity where details of references and their identities are to be mentioned.

7. Section 6 is the last segment which is a declaration to be filled in by the applicant.

Application Submission

The traditional method is to send the application by post to the Home Office whose address is provided in the application form. The contemporary way of submitting the form is through the Nationality Check Service (NCS). The NCS is a channel which verifies your application and ensures that it is complete in all respects before the submission. On successful submission an acknowledgement is provided to the applicant. The documents attached to the application are given back after checking for their authenticity and taking a photocopy of the same. As a result you do not submit the valuable original documents. There is an additional fee of £40 for availing this service.