How to apply Australian Citizenship

Detailed information on how to apply for Australian citizenship

If you are considering immigrating to Australia and wish to stay in that country, there are many legal ways to apply for Citizenship. The first thing to understand before applying for Australian citizenship is to analyze if you have all the eligibility requirements. Spouse or widowers of Australian citizens, eligible New Zealand citizens, migrants with permanent residence, children born to Australian parents, persons born in Papua before 1975 are qualified to lodge application for Australian citizenship.  However, the time it takes to grant the citizenship varies from person to person depending on the category of application processing. Those who want to know information on application fees, forms, appeals and details on how to apply Australian citizenship may visit the Department of Immigration and citizenship website.

How to apply Australian Citizenship:

The process for applying Australian citizenship varies based on various attributes such as eligibility, place of living, residence status, age, place of birth etc. Those who want to know how to apply Australian citizenship can simply follow the given steps -

1. Eligibility requirements:

The first thing that you need to do before planning to apply for citizenship is determine your eligibility requirements and make sure you meet the residence status conditions.

2. Gather original documents:

You may have to submit various documents along with the filled application form. However, the most important documents required are proof of personal identity, evidence of papers showing that you are not involved in any serious criminal convictions and documents to show your residence address etc.

3. Complete and lodge your application form:

Applicants who are planning to apply for Australian citizenship can do it either online through internet or on paper by post.  The recommended payment mode is only through credit cards and do not make the payment by debit cards if you are applying by post.

4. Attend citizenship appointment, take the test or interview:

Once you lodge the application form, you will be called for an appointment where an authorized officer will check your identity and documents. Later you will also have to take the citizenship test or attend an interview whichever is applicable based on your application status.

Applying for citizenship outside Australia:

It is not possible to lodge your application form online if you are staying outside Australia. All you need to do is just follow the same procedure for filling the forms except that you need to send the application by post or courier directly to the department's ACT and Regions Office of Overseas citizenship unit, Australia.  If you have any queries on how to apply Australian citizenship from outside the country, contact immigration centers overseas.