How Long Can Stay With USA F1 Visa

USA F1 visa is a student visa which is issued to under graduates or graduates who are willing to peruse their studies in America. You need to apply for a F1 visa if you are planning to do further studies in America. To enter America every immigrant requires a visa. This is very important as per the USCIS rules. A student can enter America if and only if the university or school gives him admission in the school or their university.  Generally you need to choose a course which is being offered by the university which you desire to join. Once you get the Form I-20 you need to apply for the visa.

 The student entering America with student visa can stay in USA as long as he is having the student status. There is a limited period of time which your visa is valid up to. Before the expiration of your visa you need to deport from America. You can stay in America for as long as you are termed as a student. During your visa interview you are asked about your course details. Depending on the length of the course your visa validity is issued. With the student status you can stay in America even if your F1 visa expires in your passport.

The student is given the following advantages before his departure from USA – the student is given 60 days additional time to clear up his pending issues in America. He can prepare to leave US or to transfer into another school. If you leave America with an expired F1 visa then you cannot come back to the country with the same visa. You need to reapply for a visa in turn to return to America or you need to renew your F1 visa while in the USA.

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