Hospital Administrator Career

A hospital administrator is a person who controls and runs a complex network of health care system which is the backbone of our society.

A hospital administrator is a person who is in charge of the different divisions of hospital management like patient care, billing, ambulance services, emergency services, hygiene and recruitment of doctors and additional hospital staff.

Pursuing a career in hospital administration can be a useful decision for many students as it gives them a wide scope to explore their administrative qualities in health sector.

What does a hospital administrator do:

A hospital administrator has a wide range of duties right from arranging for doctors, nurses and interns to attending emergency patients for quick treatments.Health care is a vast area, so depending upon the size of the hospital, a hospital can have one or many hospital administrators to supervise the network and the functioning of its services round the clock.

A hospital administrator also has to interact with vendors, suppliers, insurance agents and contractors and update the regular requirements of medicines, food items, hospital gadgets.

They need to have a sharp business acumen and be able to scan a situation in order to deal with the right vendors and influence the purchase of equipments or medicines.

Let's take a quick glimpse at the different kind of jobs that hospital administrators look after:

1) A hospital administrator has to recruit and evaluate a group of doctors, nurses and other additional staff.

2) A hospital administrator  has to organize, coordinate and execute health services governed by a board of trustees.

3) They have to prepare a budget for entire health related services.

4) They have to conduct regular market research to compare, contrast and upgrade the existing health services.

5) Evaluate the demand and introduce the latest stae-of-the art equipments and techniques built on the basis of medical research.

6) Organize and participate community health services for greater awareness of health related issues.

7) Plan a budget for different health related expenses.

8) To develop and frame policies for scientific research for new students.

9) Manage public relations, patient services, medical services by thorough research and fixing the different loopholes in the hospital management efficiently.

How to become a hospital administrator:

A hospital administrator normally requires a Master's in business management or health care management. Degrees in health care management are available at Bachelors,Masters or Doctoral levels. It takes two years to complete this course and the candidates applying for these jobs are well acquainted with policies of hospital administration, long term care and public health requirements.

Candidates pursuing hospital management must have a thorough knowledge of-

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Implementation of new health care policies
  • Economics and financial management in health care services

The two years Master's that they have in course includes-

  • Organizational behaviour
  • Human resources
  • Health care policy and law
  • Marketing

Besides they may also be granted supervised internship,residency or fellowship.

Hospital administrator salary:

According to a recent survey the hospital administrators are paid a pretty good package of 10 to 12 lacs per year.Salary often varies according to the qualifications, skills and experience of the professionals.

However several policy changes in the health sector may also effect the salary structure of the hospital administrator. 

Hospital administrator work environment:

Hospital administrators have a highly competitive work environment.They make up for a major  chunk of the health care professionals. They may work in public health clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers pharmaceutical companies,consulting firms or in companies that make medical equipment.

The work environment of a hospital administrator also depends on the size of the hospital or the health clinic or any organization they are working for.But the size doesn't matter as long as they are able to coordinate and mobilize the work force of health care officials deftly.

A hospital administrator has different working hours and most of them are full time employees and have regular working hours except in emergency cases when they might be working late , in shifts or during weekends.

Hospital administrator career path and outlook:

It is estimated that the demand for hospital administrators is expected to hike by 23% by the year 2022.Due to their vast knowledge and experience hospital administrators are well suited to climb the ladder of progress in various health care networks or government organizations.

Much of the health care system is expected to benefit from the baby boom or the aging population and also from the latest technological enhancement which will help people to live longer. This will have an increase in demand of health care professionals, clinics, hospitals and in turn more hospital administrators to facilitate the administrative process.

A hospital administrator can choose a private practice or work in a large group, they can even choose to work in a different area like a laboratory to ensure proper functioning and stock taking and ensure the safety of its surroundings.

Nursing homes are yet another growing area for hospital administrators which has a vast scope for growth.

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