Homemade Halloween Costumes

To choose a Halloween costume is unarguably the most difficult task in the ‘to-do’ list before Halloween. People prefer to go costume shopping and buy the unique and attractive costumes which would suit their choice. But, some prefer to make their own costumes for the much awaited Halloween costume parties. This idea lets them be creative and helps them save on exorbitant costume costs as well.  There are many exceptional ideas that one can use to make their own homemade Halloween costume.

Jack-o-Lantern Costume: To make a Jack-o-Lantern costume at home, one needs to make a life-size Jack-o-lantern out of cardboard and paint it. Make sure it fits through the head and fits well. To add a little effect, place a battery run torch or light inside the lantern so that light would glow from your traditional homemade Halloween costume.

Unique Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Costume

Skeleton costume: For thisone requires a black sweat-suit. Color the face with some fluorescent paint. Cut bone shaped pieces from a white chart-sheet and stick them on the black sweat-suit. You will thus create a perfectly well scary themed outfit for the festival.  

Unique Halloween Skeleton costume

Vampire costume: A man who wants to dress up like a Vampire should wear a white shirt and a black suit. The main aspect here is the make make-up. The face should be as white as possible with dark red lips. This goes for a man as well as a woman. Using fake fangs and a little red color near the mouth would be perfect. Make a cape at home. For that you need a long cloth, preferably black and red. Stitch both together, one on top of the other. Then, pin this cloth to the suit on the shoulder in such a way so that the red cloth is seen on top.

Unique Halloween Vampire costume

Witch costume: For the head gear, you are required to make a conical shaped hat out of a cardboard and paint it black. To make it look authentic, paste crumpled black paper at the edge of the hat. For the dress, take an old black dress and give it a ragged look by cutting it on the edges. Make the dress short and wear black leggings which should also have a worn-out look. Wear a black cloth on the shoulders which would be the cape. Area around the eyes should be black and silvery. Make the nose little longer by using brown or skin colored paper and sticking it on the nose. Carry a broom. Blacken one of the front teeth to give a scary look.

Unique Halloween Witch costume

Geisha or a Japanese Doll: Decorate a large size satin bath-robe by painting tiny flowers on it. Make it look like a kimono. For the make-up, paint the face white and apply rouge on the cheeks to make them pink. Apply red lipstick and extend the eyelashes. The hair should be tied into a bun albeit a little high. Carry a small Japanese fan. Wear delicate slippers to look like a Geisha.

Unique Halloween Japanese costume

Other ideas for a homemade Halloween Costume

Cardboard Costumes: One can make various things out of a life-size cardboard box. One can become a popcorn box by painting the life-size cardboard white and writing ‘popcorn’ on the box. Stick popcorns on the rim of the and on the person’s head as well. People who want to stand out of the crowd and also, have patience to make a cardboard costume, can make cardboard refrigerators, ovens or even food items like doughnuts, hot-dogs etc. Cardboard costumes also include spaceships and cars. One can also make robots or any creatures from the recent sci-fi movies.

Spiders and creepy crawlies: If one wants to become a creepy crawly then there is no need to spend money at a costume store. Make it at home and be innovative. To become a spider, one needs to wear a black sweat-suit. The spider’s arms can be made by stuffing old black socks and stitching them on the suit. The hands and legs can be four of the eight legs. The face should be colored black.

Unique Halloween Spider costume

In this way, one can spend less and make traditional and innovative homemade Halloween costumes and be the talk of the party as well!