Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated on 4th of may every year. The day is observed all over the world in the memory of the Holocaust’s victims during World War II.

The Truth of the Holocaust Memorial Day:

The Holocaust was the systematic process of murdering nearly six million European Jews during World War II by Nazi Germany. Nearly two-thirds of nine million European Jews were murdered before the Holocaust. The genocide is a crucial result of Nazi advancement in Europe during the time of Hitler. Most importantly, the Holocaust included Nazis' systematic assassination of millions of people in other groups. Scholars say that the genocide of Nazi Germany included Romani, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Soviet civilians, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah's witnesses and other political and religious opponents. Hence, the Holocaust victims were calculated to be approximately 17 million people. According to the scholars, Germany was called as a genocidal state because Nazi Germany’s bureaucracy was involved in this massacre during World War II. However, most of the civilian population was unaware about this fatal massacre.

Although, Holocaust Memorial Day is observed by many Jewish communities around the world but today, it is sensed as secular and people of the world stand together and pay tribute to the Holocaust victims on this day. People do special prayers and rituals and commemorate this day leaving aside the religious boundaries.

Nazi Germany and the Holocaust:

When Adolf Hitler was the chancellor, Germany was entitled as Nazi Germany or the Third Reich during the time of World War II. Nazi Germany was one of the super powers in the World War II along with Japan and Italy. 

Adolf Hitler was appointed as Chancellor on 30th January, 1933 and took the power of Nazi Germany. The Holocaust is one of the major conspiracies of Nazi Germany as millions of civilians were cold bloodedly murdered.

Nazi Germany was considered for many causes of political and social unrest after the World War I, particularly nationalism and Pan-Germanism, civil turmoil among Marxist groups, immense misery worldwide in 1930s, hyperinflation, the effect of the counter-traditionalism and liberty.

They built a concentration and execution camps and operated in Polish areas during World War II, which is called Auschwitz. This place had a Polish name but Nazi Germany renamed it after they invaded Poland in September 1939. This is the place where the remarkable assassination was held.

Holocaust Memorial Day - A Universal Memory Day against Genocide:

Today, people around the world participate in this Holocaust Memorial Day wholeheartedly. The day represents cruelty of the dictator against civilians as millions of unarmed civilians died in conspiracy. There was no human right to save children and women from the Death Valley of the Holocaust. This was a curse against the society. The Death Valley still reminds the conspiracy of Nazi Germany against millions of civilians. Hence, we have to take part in this day and offer prayers to millions of those innocent victims. However, Holocaust Memorial Day is designated by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution as universal Memorial Day.

Facts about the Holocaust:

Holocaust Remembrance Day marks the manumission of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps in 1945.

Holocaust Remembrance Day a national holiday in Israel for the year 1959.

The Holocaust began when Hitler came to power in the year 1933 in Germany and ended in 1945 when allied powers defeated the Nazis.

11 Million people were killed during the Holocaust of which 6 million were Jews. Prisoners were asked to hard Labor task. Other groups that were targeted by Nazi's were Jehovah's, Witnesses, disabled people etc.,.

Two-third of Jewish people living in Europe were killed by Nazis at the time of World War II.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017