What is the HOBET Test?

Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test is often abbreviated as HOBET. The HOBET test is a typical standardization test which attempts to integrate a measure of social skills into the basic and fundamental academic categories of math, science, reading, language arts, and so on. Though the HOBET Test is not a psychological test, it does have some psychological elements that are important to a health professionals career.

A HOBET Test is designed to meet the requirements of health related occupation programs. Medical technician and nurse skills are required for a HOBET test and also good academic foundation. Other skills such as critical thinking, stress management, comprehension skills are extremely suitable to measure these things.

HOBET is a 2 and a half hour test on a computer. Paper and pencil and Internet version are also available to HOBET applicants. This test has seven categories which are as follows:

Essential Math Skill: This section consists of 60 multiple choice questions to be answered in about 60 minutes. The topics included here are algebra, advanced algebra, fractions, basic math, intermediate math, percents and ratios.

Science Reading Comprehension: This section has questions on scientific information followed by the passage to be solved in 30 minutes.

Test Taking Skills: This section consists of 30 multiple choice questions on objective tests, standardization tests, essay writing tests to be solved in 20 minutes which helps identify the candidates ability.

Stress Levels: Stress levels of candidates related to workplace, money, time, family, social and academic issues are asked here with 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 12 minutes.

Basic Science Concepts and Vocabulary: The candidate must have a basic knowledge and understanding of the science oriented subjects.

Learning Style: The learning style of the candidate is identified on the following bases:

  1. Auditory Learner
  2. VisualLearner
  3. OralDependent Learner
  4. WritingDependent Learner
  5. SolitaryLearner
  6. SocialLearner

Written Expression: In this section, the written expression of the candidate is viewed in the form of punctuation, spellings, grammar and pluralization in particular.

What are the requirements

The candidate must carry a proof of payment with a receipt and a picture ID on the day of the exam. Food/beverages and calculators are prohibited into the exam room. If you carry a cell phone, you will be asked to switch it off.

How to prepare

A HOBET Test guide is developed by the exam publisher. It is also available in a student bookstore. Libraries can also be checked for HOBET preparation.

How is test ranked ?

When this test is given on computer, the score is available immediately.

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