Hispanic Culture


Hispanic, the term is used to the culture and people of countries previously controlled by the Spanish realm, normally with a major population of Hispania. The Hispanic culture has been spread across the regions of Mexico, Cuba, the greater part of the Central and South American nations, and most part of the Greater Antilles. Hispanic culture is also followed by Equatorial Guinea region in Africa.

During past few years, the Hispanic population has showed incredible growth in the United States. Hispanics consist of around 11percent of the US population that includes 3.6 million dwelling in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.


Hispanic food is loved by people of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, South and Central America. The method of food preparation is different in each family, town and region. A traditional Hispanic meal consists of rice, beans, potatoes, quinoa and wheat or cassava. Hispanic people have their individual mainstream items that range from main dishes, appetizers, desserts up to drinks.

Picadillo Tacos, Sweet Raisin Tamales, Raisin Salsa are some of the Hispanic delicacies.


A lower middle class Hispanic family may not have money to buy branded costly clothes, but their clothes are ironed and the shoes are polished always. Accessories and jewelries are compulsory for the girls irrespective of the financial status of the family. Hispanics believe clothes make impressions at first sight. Hence they prefer impressive clothes than expressive ones.

The Hispanics are always dressed up with good, neat and clean clothes as if they are ready to go to a party or event.


The church has a great influence on family life and community dealings by giving religious meaning to the Hispanic traditions. Experience gives a respectable status to the elders in the family. Hispanics believe that health is a gift of god and should not be neglected. Hispanic people are more emotionally expressive.  They anticipate to be pampered when unwell and the family members show their love and care the most during those times. In general, Hispanics look down on people those are psychologically sick. The mental patients do not feel comfortable to share their problems with other family members and relatives.


The term ‘fiesta nacional’ is known as the official national holiday and ‘las fiestas’ is known as the local or regional holidays. The following are some of the events celebrated Hispanic people:

Several events celebrated by the Catholic Church are officially chosen by the government as holidays.

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