Hat Day Crafts

While some people may wear hats often, for others wearing one is a special thing and generally on a special occasion. No matter what kind of person you are, this article will discuss the great variety of St. Patrick's Day hats available, in addition to the top three types or styles to opt for.

Type 1

Old fashioned or any variety of hat you'll imagine with a St. Paddy's Day occasion. Just about any kind or style of head cover you can imagine can be a St. Patrick's Day hat. Some very famous chapeaus are the old fashioned bowler or plug hat, you can also get fedoras along with top hats. For a more modern concept you can find cowboy hats, baseball caps, beanies, hats and even fuzzy "pimp" hats all in green and probably laced with plenty of shamrock prints. In every style you can have sequins, glitter, felt or velvet, there are some even with feathers.

Type 2

This silly and goofy category of hats can manifest anything you could possibly imagine. Want to wear a big green beer jar as a hat? Some may not want tiaras or the headbands having boppers on them to be hats but if you don it on your head, it can be included. If you want to wear with something that is certainly a hat - then opt for a really tall Cat in the Hat style hat, of course in green shade. Or you could give a try to a hat that lights up. Also some of these lighted up hats come in varieties i.e. flash and blink.

Type 3

Other one is Leprechaun styled. These fun pieces of hat are usually green and will often have a buckle. Depending on your choice of leprechaun look, you can have a hat by itself or one that displays either a beard and/or sharp ears.

From traditional, old fashioned crafts to the silly oversized or tiny hat - there are innumerable types and styles of St. Patricks Day hat that it is actually easy to find one that suits your style and personality both. The only real trouble you may have is restricting yourself to any one hat!

Between Valentine's Day and Easter there's a small day in mid-March when everyone wears green and symbolizes their inner Irish spirit: Saint Patrick's Day. Here are some easy preschool crafts works to enable you show a little Irish pride with leprechauns, rainbows and shamrocks ending in the ever-green pots of gold.

Little Leprechauns

Leprechauns are children’s all time favorite! They act as a mascot for the most sugary of cereals, they're quite easy in size to the children themselves, and following them leads to fun things such as pots of shimmering gold and rainbows. Since the leprechaun often used as an unofficial mascot of Saint Patrick's Day, try these easy preschool crafts to embellish the classroom.

This first craft is called "Leprechaun Children". Show the kids pictures or images of leprechauns and ask each one of them to draw or paint one of their own. After the picture has dried, shape out a thumbprint-sized image of each child's face to stick onto the leprechaun. This craft can simply be transformed into a magnet to hang on the fridge by sticking it with waxed paper.

A simple leprechaun hat can be crafted from paper plates and paper bowls. Make a hole from the center of the paper plate just a little smaller than the rim of the paper bowl. Stick the paper bowl to the hat with glue and allow the children paint and decorate their leprechaun hats.

Rock the Shamrock

Another image craft to Saint Patrick's Day is the three-leaf shamrock, as it acts as the official emblem of the republic of Ireland. The shamrock is believed to bring good luck. While the shamrock does not lend itself quite well to simple educational institution crafts, as it's a pretty tough shape to make, there are certain ways of incorporating it into arts and crafts time.

Tie three soup cans together in a group and dip them in green paint for a great shamrock stamp. Just add a trifle tail with a stroke of paint and therefore the kids will use these shamrocks to brighten with glitter or paint.

For another unique shamrock craft, try this one where the children make false stained glass shamrocks to hang in their windows. Using a stencil let the children cut a simple shamrock out of wax paper. To make the stained glass effect, put a piece of tissue paper on the contact paper. Use glue if you are facilitating wax paper.

Everyone Loves Rainbows

Finally, the photos of the rainbow manifests prominently in Saint Patrick's Day iconography. Here's a fun rainbow art that seems to be really cute and cool. To begin, cut a piece of paper for cloud from white construction paper. Allow the children glue strips of crepe paper using several colors to the bottom of the cloud. If required, they can incorporate a pot of gold cut from construction paper to the bottom of the rainbow. Give these simple and colorful preschool crafts a try for a crazy St Patrick's Day celebration.

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