Hat Day Activities

January 15th is celebrated as National Hat Day! You can celebrate this day each year with your family and close friends. What activities can make it a fun and memorable day?

Let’s discuss about the ideas of hat day activities that can add flavor and punch to your hat day celebration!

There are quite a few games that you can play to have fun along with your family and party guests, if any.

Santa Hat Game

You can make "Santa hat". To begin with give all your guests a Santa hat. This type of hat is pretty cheap and the cost per hat is generally around $1 at the dollar store. Some of the shopkeepers even give you the opportunity to buy them in bulk lowering the price further. You can tell all the people present to wear their Santa hat throughout the party. The scene in the party will be quite amazing and filled with “Hat Day Spirit” when everyone wears identical hats.

Nevertheless, in this game the rules are somewhat different, instead of picking a winner you have to pick up a loser among all the participants. The main goal of this game is to discard your hat during the party and a person who is still wearing a hat after the game is finished will be declared as a loser. There will be times when people are so engaged and get real busy in the party with what they are doing - like conversing with other people, eating something or taking care of their young kids or attending calls. These various activities will enable them easily forget to remove their hat and end up declared as the loser.

Once the losers are declared, there are some interesting selections you can do to them. One option is you can form a group of losers and ask them to sing a song related to crazy Hat Day. You can also involve the rest of the winners (party guests) to take decision what to do with the losers. Another fun option which you can incorporate is to divide the losers into two dance groups and ask them to challenge the other loser group in dance performance and compete with them. It will be a lot better and inspiring if the group winner of this little dance competition begs a prize for their performance.

You can also make several funny and creative hats on this occasion.

Snowman Hat

You can fill a tube sock two-thirds filled with polyester fiberfill. Tie a rubber band tightly around the sock's mouth at the top of the fiberfill. Hold the cuff down to create a hat for the snowman. Tie one more band across the sock about 2 inches down from the earlier band to make the snowman's neck and a one more band at the middle of the sock to create the snowman's waist. Divide the phases of the snowman so it looks like the biggest snowball is at the bottom, a medium-sized is in the middle and the smallest one is at the top for its head. Embellish the snowman according to your taste. Dots of black fabric paint are the easiest way to make charcoal eyes and a smile. A dot of orange color in the middle of its face will resemble of a carrot nose. Tie a scrap of fabric across its neck to look like a scarf. Stitch the base of the snowman onto a knitted, pull-on hat.

Heart Shape Hat

Create two large red hearts from poster board. Cut off the sharp tips at the bottom of the heart. Glue the two hearts to the bill of a red baseball cap, with the bill stuffed between the hearts. Decorate the hearts according to your taste with paper doilies, ribbons, glitter and laces. Wear the cap a little back on your head to make the heart stand upright.

Nest Hat

Nest hat could be yet another great activity to think of on this occasion of Hat Day. Buy imitation birds, tan raffia, eggs and silk leaves at the craft store. Paste leaves all over the baseball cap. Now form a nest by bunching up the raffia. Apply a little white glue on the tangled raffia to hold the nest's shape. Stick the nest to the top of the hat. Inside the nest, place (glue) a bird sitting on top of eggs.

Firework Hat

Collect some colorful fireworks, crackers and poppers. Trim off any fuses, cut open the fireworks and discard the flammable or explosive ingredients inside. This step is imperative to ensure that someone doesn't try to play a dangerous real joke by virtually igniting the fireworks while you are wearing the hat. Glue the fireworks all over on the hat, assembling them up high in the center. Twist together the bottoms of bunches of silver and gold chenille stems to trigger sparks shooting out of the top of your head.

Cake Hat

Make a tiered cake hat to wear on Hat Day. Cut two or more circles out of 2-inch upholstery foam. Cut the bottom tier 12 inches in diameter and the other tiers gradually smaller. Cover the circles with fabric in the "frosting" color of your taste. Glue ribbons to the base of the cake so they can be tied under your chin to retain the hat on your head. Glue on threads of beaded string to look like sliding frosting ribbons across the sides. Stick candles to the top of the cake. To ensure the firmness of candles, make small mould of hot glue, one at a time, and then stick a candle in each puddle while the glue cools and stiffens. Cut out orange flame shapes from construction paper and paste on the candle wicks.

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