Harvey Milk Day 2017

Celebrate Harvey Milk Day by getting involved in local Areas

Origin of the day

Harvey Milk is not a term many college students recognize, however they should. This guy is among the terrific leaders in the American Civil Rights Historical past, specially for the gay local community. Sunday May 22nd is Harvey Milk Day. It’s significantly less popular as Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday or President’s Day or perhaps Memorial Event, but it’s a chance to stop for one minute and identify the very first openly gay male chosen to public office ( in 1977 ) and consult with your course what this means exactly . Exactly why is this important? The reason why should we worry?

Importance of the day

Harvey Milk Day can be utilized as a diving board for a discussion about the idea of today’s American “universe of commitment,” an idea commonly used in Facing History classrooms. Who so we think the United States wants to guard? Where do these ideas of “us” as well as “them” originate from in modern society?

How to celebrate the Harvey Milk Day?

Below are the top ways to celebrate Harvey Milk Day as well as create a conversation simultaneously.

1. Serve milk like a fun ice-breaker and also question in the event that anyone has heard of Harvey Milk.

2. For the pupils who haven’t heard about him, cross out an extract

3. After college students done with the summary, inquire further to share away some studies – what endured out and also why? The reason why would we certainly have a day for him?

4. Ask participants to set up and produce a observe American “universe of obligation” about today’s globe in a attracted circle on some paper. In organizations, students ought to place who the USA cares probably the most in the centre and minimum on the outer edges (help remind the class this is not such about who we ought to care about). When students desire, they may place groups entirely outside the cycle for anyone they think are totally ignored.

5. Pick a few groups to discuss out their completed product – request the rest of the course for feedback. Agree with the fact? Disagree? Exactly why?

6. Then, cross out a transcript of Harvey Milk’s “Hope” Speech patterns. This is often quite long, as a result you are able to excerpts or perhaps you can even reduce it up and give out each one piece to a unique small group.


Way too often, areas that battle for equality are dealt with as separate companies instead of united in an extensive fight for social rights which weakens their battle. I think that you have often powerful aspects of Harvey Milk is his determination for unity and to identify the battle in the gay local community as the just like others. He said it ideal with “you need to provide people hope”, so let’s make an effort to celebrate his event with trust!

Harvey Milk Day 2017