Hanukkah Gifts

Hannukah is an Jewish holiday which is celebrated grandly and also known as Chanukkah. In present time Hannukah is famously known as gift giving festival and this tradition is growing popular along with the time. Though there are many traditions associated with this festival only gift giving as become popular, one of the tradition is lighting of specially designed nine-branched candelabrum called Menorah.

History of Hannukah Gifts

According to the history of Hannukah festival it is the commemoration of the re-dedication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem in second century B.C. It is well known that legend Jews had risen up against their Greek-Syrian oppressors in the Maccabean Revolt.

Haanukah is the festival that is celebrated with pomp in representation of triumph in religious persecution in regard to Jewish people. It is said that this festival has evolved out of the tradition which is followed by Jews out of the gelt giving. There is a story in regard with Hannukah celebrations of gift giving. It is said that children are conducted some test to make them aware of the Hannukah traditions. Then the winners are gifted with gelt whiich comprioses of money, that has filled the hearts of children with joy.

According to the history of Talmud, festival of Hannukah is celebrated by lightning candles for 8 continuous days with one on every day. Through this tradition poor people are able to earn their money as well as lit candles and celebrate the festival. The gelt giving tradition as slowly been converted to gift giving by Jews because it falls at the same time as Christamas. So the tradition of gelt giving has been replaced by gift giving tradition.

Celebrations of Hannukah Festival

On this day people of all ages will celebrate by giving away gifts happily to each other. The gifts in this occasion will range from traditional to modern gifts. There poopular gifts such as Hanukkah Menorah, Dreidel of various shapes, Judaic products and Jewish books. There will be special Hannukah gift baskets available for gifting baked goods, blue cookies, white cookies, kosher nuts, dried fruits and candles decorated attractively.

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Hanukkah Gifts