Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st every year. Other than the lit pumpkins and scary masks, there is more to this festival. During the historical times, it was believed that there was a very fine line between the two worlds; the living and dead. Therefore, to draw away evil curses and bad spirits, people and children dress in various scary costumes. These costumes used to represent the dead.

People are still superstitious and believe in spirits. Hence Halloween is a time to dress in scary costumes so that everyone could blend with the dead people from the other world. Other than believing in superstitions, Halloween is also celebrated by the Celts who used to celebrate the end of the harvest season popularly known as Samhain.

Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween is a time to look scary and also scare people. One can do many interesting things during Halloween. Halloween party involves many activities like making Halloween party invitations, dresses, masks and accessories. Halloween party supplies include:

Halloween Party Invitations

 During Halloween, you would want to invite your friends and family members to your place. The best way to do so is to make Halloween party invitations for everyone. It’s just being more creative and imaginative. The format of the invitation is:
Party Theme/Party Name- Give a theme to your party like ‘’John’s Zombie BBQ’’, you can also name them as monsters and ghosts or the Classic movies.

Addressing Guests: The best way to address your guests is by writing,

Dearest departed Mr. & Mrs.
Time and Date for the venue 
Dress Code
Name of the Hosts
Contact details

Halloween Decorations

 Choose decorations that complement the party theme, like classic movies that can include silent and scary movies. Play jazz music and decorate your place with ancient art that look creepy. The ambience should look scary and dark. Your guests should feel it and they would blend by the theme.

Halloween Pumpkins

Plan a pumpkin decorations competition for your guests. Make sure you have small pumpkins so that everyone would get one each. In a bowl, have all the decorations like glue, buttons, glitter and other such things. In this competition there should be a time limit for decorating the pumpkin. You can also have such games planned as a part of Halloween party.


Usually black candles are used to decorate the area during Halloween. These candles can be placed at the entrance, dining room and in the garden.

Halloween Scary Masks

 To create a scary ambience hang scary masks at various places along with the candles. This would certainly go by your Halloween party theme.

Halloween Party Accessories

 Halloween party accessories can include making small paper bags with ‘’Trick or Treat’’ written on them or Halloween pumpkins drawn on them. These bags can be given as Halloween favors.

Halloween Snacks

Make your snacks yummy to eat as well as look scary. You can make sandwiches in the shape of coffins or boiled eggs in the shape of eye balls. Have some red wine served as cocktails.