2016 Halloween for Kids

Every year Halloween is celebrated on October 31st.  According to the old tradition, Halloween was celebrated by the Celts from Ireland and Great Britain. It marked the end of the harvest season. It was also a day in the ancient times when there was a thin line between the two extreme worlds; the living and the dead. Therefore, people use to disguise themselves in scary costumes to blend with the dead. Halloween for kids is more exciting as compared to adults as it involves various activities.

Halloween for Kids

More than adults, Halloween is enjoyed by kids as they get to dress in various scary costumes and go from house-to-house saying, ‘’trick-or-treat’’ and collecting gifts, money or sweets from neighbors. This is a very old tradition that has been followed since a long time. These days, Halloween is more like an entertainment or a costume party for kids. Many kids like to wear costumes that resemble their favorite character like vampires, werewolves and ghosts. Halloween for kids also includes many activities like:

Halloween Games for Kids

Old traditional games are played by kids like trying to eat an apple that is hung from a string or finding gifts from a huge basin filled with water.

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Competition for Kids

Other than this, pumpkin decoration competition is also held for kids. Small pumpkins are given to each kid. Boxes of decorative items are put out in the box like colored paper, strings, buttons and glue. The competition is, within the specific time each kids has to finish decorating the pumpkin.

Halloween Puzzles for kids

Adults make jigsaw puzzles for kids. These puzzles can be depicting any favorite character that the kid likes. Therefore, it’s lots of fun for kids to solve the puzzle. Halloween for kids is always exciting.

Telling Spooky Stories

 When many kids are invited on Halloween day, every kid is asked to come up with spooky stories. Kids have to make it as creative as possible and the kid who tells the scariest story gets the Halloween gift.

Halloween Costume for Kids

This is the most interesting and important part of Halloween celebration. Halloween for kids is a time to have fun by scaring other people. Kids like to dress in various costumes and wear scary masks. They paint their faces with colors to look scary. Many kids go from house-to-house saying, ‘’trick-or-treat’’.  

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The Halloween scavenger hunt is one of the most exciting Halloween activities for kids. Kids are divided into small groups and each group is given a bag to collect the treasure they collect. The collection can consist of pine cones, colored pebbles and fruits. Many adults also hide stuff like small pumpkins and wrappers in the searching area.

Halloween for kids involves a lot of activities that kids enjoy doing. Every year kids look forward to celebrating Halloween day. Younger kids are accompanied by their parents when they have to go for activities. Kids also participate in decorating and creating a Halloween ambience.