Halloween Decorations 2016

  • Halloween is a season for decorating houses and throwing Halloween parties.
  • People begin decorating their houses days before Halloween.
  • There are various easy and fun Halloween decoration ideas to make your home spooky and creepy.
  • Halloween Cake decoration ideas and Halloween costume decorations are also an important part of Halloween celebrations.
  • Most Halloween props and Halloween decorations can be done at a very low cost.

Halloween Guillotine Costume Decoration Ideas

  • A 12 feet high Guillotine can be made from a wooden frame.
  • Construct the main frame from 2x12x12 pieces of wooden planks.
  • Nail a 2x6 piece of wood to support the frame
  • Blade, head brace and blade holders can be cut out from a plywood sheet.

Halloween Props Costume Decoration Ideas

  • Wrap a person in duct tape.
  • Cut off the mould and fill it up with old newspapers.
  • Mend the open edges after stuffing.
  • Dress the mold in old clothes and use gloves for hands.
  • Attach shoes to the body using a tape or a thread.

Milk Jug Halloween Decoration Ideas

  • Empty and clean a one-gallon milk jug.
  • Place it upside down and color it in any shade.
  • Paint a face on the colored jug.
  • Make a collar out of a old cloth and attach it to the neck of the jug.
  • Hang it from the ceiling

Halloween Styrofoam Heads Decoration Ideas

  • Styrofoam heads are available at beauty studios or online stores.
  • Cut out facial features on the heads.
  • Spay paint the heads with a grey primer.
  • Paint the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • You can also use vampire teeth if you wish.
  • Use an old scraggly wig for the hair.

Sidewalk Can Lighting Decoration Ideas

  • Fill-up old cans with water and freeze.
  • Once froze, carve out eyes and mouth with a sharp knife.
  • Empty the cans and dry them.
  • Spray paint the cans in desired colors.
  • Light a candle inside them at night.

Cheap Halloween Graveyards Decoration Ideas

  • Cut out tombstones and crosses from Styrofoam or wood.
  • Paint them white.
  • Lay out the graves on a cardboard base.
  • Spread some spider webs and bats in between.

Online Cheap Halloween House Decoration Tips

  • Cover furniture and other objects with white sheets for a ghostly feel.
  • Buy cheap plastic flows and paint them black for a gothic look. You can also use black color on a wreath.
  • Dress up as a fortune teller with lots of beads, rings, scarves, veils and colorful clothes.
  • Use lot of candles and dim bulbs in various colors.
  • Scatter plastic spiders, scorpions, rats and bats all over the house.
  • Use a corner of your house to make a mad scientist’s lab with flasks, beakers and test tubes filled with green liquid and “blood”.
  • Light incense sticks in jars to create a witchy atmosphere.
  • Paint faces on clay pots and use these to serve treats and candies.