Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween triggers one and all to get ready and party. The kids go for trick and treat, the parents arrange the house and decorate every possible inch in the house and the grandparents enjoy the roasted turkey. It’s the time for food, fun and feast! There are many aspects in Halloween which will keep you busy. The most important of it all being the decoration part. Not many like this part of the holiday as it takes off a lot of time. Hence for those who love decorating or are new to decorating your house on a Halloween then here are some tips which you can work on.

Decorations for Halloween

As the end of October approaches, the Halloween preparation can be seen everywhere. The lights go dim, the pumpkins are bright, the alleys become scary and the kids look horrifying. There are many ideas of decorating your house. Some people go to any extreme to make their house look spooky. On the eve of the summer ending and the onset of winter, the devils find it easy to come into the world of flesh and blood. Here are some amazing tips about how to make your house the scariest of all.

Halloween Lighting

One of the major aspects of Halloween decoration is its lighting. There are many ways of arranging the lights in your house. Ideally, it is good to keep the lights a little dimmer than usual as it gives your house a more scary look. If you want to make it more real, you can only use huge candle without switching on any electric light. This will give you a very natural look to your house. The candles can be homemade or readymade. Black candles would be the most ideal for this occasion. Placing candles inside different colored objects will make a better lighting effect.

Halloween Decorations

This is the best part of the whole lot. You can let go off your imagination to create any kind of decorations.  Some of the most common are shadows of bats, scarecrows, fake blood, Jack-O-Lanterns, spider webs etc. You can also make wall hangings and background if you want to cover your cupboard or any other such things. Many people prefer making their house look like the scary Dracula’s cottage. One of the contemporary ideas is the Adam’s family set up. The cartoon characters are one of the best ways of showing how crazy your family can be.

Coffins are also a good idea of decorating your house. You can convert your bedroom into a graveyard by making your beds look like coffins. Your creativity will be put to a test while creating a coffin. The scarier the better!

The best way to make your house look scary is by using a black background on all the walls. This will make your house look spooky. Hang few white clothes which look like ghosts and you can give your guests a creepy welcome!

If you are inclined to shelling out some money and making the perfect haunted house for yourself then, fog machines is the way to do it. You can rent or buy a fog machine which will make your floor look like a cold winter night graveyard. These fog machines are simple to use and they are not harmful to you also.

Coming to the ceiling of your house, you can hang some very scary looking stuffed animals. Mostly birds will do the trick. Imagine the scariest looking birds and you can figure out how to make it look all the more scary. Raven, bats, sparrows, owls etc, are few of the naturally scary looking birds.  

Entrance of your house

Can you scare your guest even before they enter your house? Yes you can! It all starts at the front door. You can make artificial doors beside your door to start confusing your guests. Door hangings will do the trick most of the times. You can hang a scarecrow or a ugly looking voodoo doll on your door. These door hangings can either be crafted by you or if you haven’t got the time, you can buy them. Tombstones can also be an option for decorating your house.

In the path of your drive way, turn off all the lights and arrange few life size pumpkins with candles inside them. In short, you can put as many jack-o-lanterns as possible. These are the best since Halloween has started. It is coming off age but still it has its own charm in making your house look good. You can also add fake blood on the way to the door.

Sound effects are the latest of the decorative methods people are inclined to using nowadays. You can attach a small instrument which will give you different spooky door bells. There are plenty of cds and tapes which will help you get the scary sound you desire.

Halloween is to scare the demons from entering your house and save yourselves from the evil spirit.