Halloween Crafts

The festival of Halloween is celebrated to mark All Saints Day in the Christian calendar. Today, Halloween is celebrated with a lot of pomp in the air. Halloween parties have become a trend. The hosts of the party do their utmost to make their party a success and extraordinary. Decorating the house is an important aspect of the Halloween tradition. Children can contribute their bit by making homemade Halloween crafts to make their Halloween an exceptional day.

The following are some Halloween Craft Ideas:

Bat Hair Clips and Necklaces: Girls can add a Halloween flavor to their hair and their necks by making a flying Bat clip and necklace at home. All they need to do is cut black paper in the shape of a bat and draw white eyes on each cut-out. Then, they need to stick this cut out to a simple hair clip.  Or they have the option to put the cut-out through a simple thread to make it a necklace or chain.

Skeleton decorations: You can make scary looking skeletons by sticking dried pasta on black paper. Paint the dried pasta with fluorescent glow paint and stick it on the black paper in the shape of a skeleton. Hanging this paper on walls or using them on dining tables would be apt. This gives a scary effect in the dark.

Halloween masks: A Halloween party is a little incomplete without masks. You can make Halloween masks at home instead of buying them. All one needs is a card-paper, elastic band and a paper-puncher. Either one can stick to traditional masks like  jack-o-lantern masks, animal masks like lion, tiger and bear or one can move on to modern masks like the paper-Mache Venetian masks. Designs for Venetian masks are available in books as well as online.  

Halloween party invitation cards: Instead of handing out readymade invitation cards for a Halloween party, one can use one’s creativity and make it at home. A unique, scary idea for an invitation is to write the invitation details on a black paper with black crayons and ask the invitee to paint red color on the paper which would make the invitation visible.