Halloween in Australia

Even until a few years ago, Halloween was not that popular in Australia. It was regarded only as something that Americans celebrate. But nowadays this is a growing trend in Australia also. The day of Halloween is also known as Mischief Night or Danger Night. It is a custom for kids to play mischievous tricks on that night. This is really a fun-time for the kids because they can go around tricking others and treating themselves.

Though some people were concerned at first that the Australians are becoming more and more Americanized, Halloween is gaining more and more popularity every year. For many people, this occasion is about sheer fun and dressing up in outlandish costumes.

More and more Australians are showing their interest in celebrating Halloween which was originally an ancient Celtic harvest festival known as Samhain.

How do People celebrate Halloween in Australia

Unique Halloween Celebrations

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Halloween is mainly about people dressing up in spooky costumes that reflect the Halloween theme. Some of the popular pursuits that are held during this time are ghost tours, hunts and walks. People take part in trick and treat adventures and accompany their kids when they visit they the neighborhood dressed up as cute witches and zombies. Homes are also decorated according to the Halloween theme during this period. People hang fake cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and witches around the house. They are generally interested in the celebration and read about the activities in books and on various online sites, and prepare themselves for the day. There is no doubt as to why it is a very profitable time for the shops and the outlets that sell and rent out Halloween outfits. Even horror movies are specifically screened or movie-marathons are held during this time.

However, Halloween in Australia is not regarded as a nation-wide holiday.

The Symbols of Halloween in Australia

Unique Symbols of Halloween

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The most prominent symbols of Halloween are black cats, bats, spiders, cobwebs, and pumpkins. Ghosts, skeletons, witches are also very important symbols of Halloween. For decorating homes, and dressing up, these symbols are widely used. They are also used on cards, cookies, cakes and candy.

Halloween Items in Australia

Homemade Halloween Items

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Halloween preparations start in early October. The stores start selling a wide variety of items from plastic pumpkin bowls to fake spiders and even Halloween costumes. There are good ranges and enough choices of Halloween costumes for children as well as kids. There are also numerous online stores from which you can do all your shopping only with the click of a mouse.

What you can do for Halloween in Australia

If you are going to celebrate your Halloween in Australia, there are a lot of things that you can do. The weather is going to be particularly nice, because it is springtime. You can host outdoor parties as well!

  • You can invite your guests to a costume party and tell them to come dressed as their favorite fictional character this Halloween.
  • Host a dinner party and serve your guests Halloween-themed food
  • Go for a horror movie with your friends
  • Attend Halloween themed events and see what other people are up to
  • Make your house look like a haunted house
  • Check out what is happening in the city. Nowadays major events are organized on the day, especially for children.