Hairstyle Appreciation Day 2017

A person’s hairstyle makes their personality. Hairstyles come in innumerable different varieties, textures and colors for both men and women. Most people are very conscious of their hair and spend a lot of time and money on the appearance of their hair. People attach a lot of importance to hairstyles and due to this reason a special day has been dedicated to hairstyles and hairstylists. Hairstyle Appreciation Day is celebrated on the 30th of April each year.

Activities on Hairstyle Appreciation Day

  • The first and most predictable thing you can do on Hairstyle Appreciation Day is to have your hair styled in a special way. Try a hairstyle which you have not tried before.

  • You can also include others in hairstyle appreciation by getting hairstyles done in your group of friends and family.

  • Hairstyle appreciation day is also a good day to learn a bit about hairdressing, if you do not already have the skills. You can take a crash course in hairdressing. This could benefit you in future.

  • On this day, do not neglect hairdressers who work miracles on our hair every day.

  • You can visit your local hairdresser and decorate the place and give cards and presents to your hairdresser.

So this year, on Hairstyle appreciation day, make it a day to remember by doing enough hairstyle-related activities to give the art of hairdressing it’s due.

Hairstyle Appreciation Day 2017