H3 Visa Renewal

The idea of getting an education, training or work in the United States makes anybody think green. The US is the land of opportunities so they say. Millions of foreign nationals are attempting to stay, work or get training and education in the US because of which the US government has implemented strict visa application rules and requirements.

One of the ways which the US government regulates the entry of foreign nationals is the issuance of H3 visa. H3 visas are issued to foreign nationals whose sole purpose in entering the country is to undergo training with a US based company in the field of commerce, agriculture, finance, government, and industrial establishments.

Complying with the requirements

Just like the visa working permits issued by the US government, H3 visa application and H3 visa renewal imposes requirements that the foreign national must comply to the core. One of the basic documentation requirements for H3 visa application and H3 visa renewal are:

  • Detailed statement of the training program like the number of hours required for on-the-job training, the facilities to be used, location and other pertinent information that may be required.
  • A description of the participation, duties and responsibilities of the foreign national during the course of the training.
  • The contract or any signed agreement for the training.
  • Other documentation that the state may require.

In case of H3 visa renewal, additional requirements like endorsement from the host company may be required.

Benefits for the H3 visa holder

In addition to the training accorded to the foreign national, he is allowed to enter and exit the country without having to tediously apply for any procedure. Furthermore, the foreign national is allowed to bring his spouse and unmarried children into the country.

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