Reasons for H3 Visa Rejection

Consular officers of the United States verify all the documents and intent of the beneficiary cautiously before issuing an H3 visa. If you are interested in obtaining a visa to get training in the U.S., it is important to be aware of the reasons for H3 visa rejection. Below mentioned are some of the reasons for H3 visa rejection.

Lack of establishment proof of the sponsor

Your sponsor has to provide all the documents regarding an existing and well-planned training program, as the sponsor can only file a petition for an H3 visa. In case of new training institution, the sponsor has to submit official training materials, such as books, a course outline and a designed curriculum. Failure in producing such documents may lead to one of the reasons for H3 visa rejection.

Intention of the beneficiary to stay in the United States

You, as a beneficiary, should only have the intention to complete the training program in the U.S. and return to your own country on or before the expiry date of your authorized stay in the U.S. If the consular officer finds any indication of your plan to work and stay in the U.S. permanently he or she may reject your application. Sometimes, it is seen that people apply for H3 visas while H1B visa application is under process. That means the beneficiary wants to stay and work in the United States. Reasons for H3 visa rejection are very much clear in such cases.

Availability of same training program in beneficiary’s home country

The training program, which you are interested in, should not be available in your own country. Instead, you have to submit sufficient document stating why you are interested to be trained in the U.S.

Lack of employment of the beneficiary outside the U.S.

The USCIS scrutinizes closely whether you can get an employment in your home country or outside the U.S. after completion of the training. Lack of employment facility after completion of the training creates a ground for denial of H3 visa application.

Duplicating the same training the beneficiary already pursued earlier

If the consular officer gets any document showing that you are already trained in the educational program for which you have applied H3 visa, this leads to one of the reasons for H3 visa rejection.

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