USA H3 Visa is given to foreign nationals of a country other than the United States of America. The purpose of issuing this visa is to involve the foreign national in a training course in the United States if only the course is not available in his/her homeland. The course training can be rendered by a US company or by the homeland company with its branch in the United States. There are unlimited H3 Visas issued each year. The H3 visa eligible training program courses are decided by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)  


The requirement of USA H3 Visa is that the applicant shall be encouraged to receive training from the US Company. This training can be related to the field of agriculture, finance, commerce, communication or transport. USA H3 Visa is granted only when the training program the applicant has applied for is not available in his/her home country. The training program shall be directly related to the career the applicant has planned to pursue in another country and not US. Furthermore, the applicant has to undergo a series of health check-ups and entail a satisfactory character certificate.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for USA H3 Visa, the applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • The intention of the applicant to enter US is mainly to receive the training
  • The applicant will return to his/her homeland upon completion of the training
  • The training program can be related to any field but medical
  • The training program should not be a graduate program
  • The training program the applicant wants to receive should not be available in his/her country
  • The training program should be related to the applicant’s career
  • The applicant should pursue career only outside US
  • The applicant cannot be employed productively except for training purpose

Application process

To apply for USA H3 Visa, the following steps should be followed:

Step 1: The US Company rendering the training program should submit an online request for the visa. The answer from the Consulate is received via email.

Step 2: Upon acceptance of the request, the Consulate schedules an appointment via email. It is advised to the applicant to keep a check on his email, even the spam and junk email folder. In case the applicant’s request has been rejected, he/she is still informed about the same.

Step 3: Now, the applicant has to pay an applicant fee for the USA H3 Visa.

Step 4: After paying the fee, the applicant has to fill and submit the Nonimigration Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form and take a print out of the same.

Step 5: the Company providing the training should fix an appointment online. It is here necessary for the company to posses few details like the applicant’s passport with full name, passport number, date of birth, the expiry date of passport, the fee receipt number of the applicant, the 10 digit bar code number of form DS-160.

Step 6: After submitting the required details, the company has to get an approval of appointment.

Step 7: The applicant is deemed as a “Dependant” to the company.

Step 8: The applicant should visit the U.S Embassy for the appointment along with a print out of the training program, DS-160 Form, a passport sized photograph, the fee receipt. All of these documents should be original.

Supporting documents required

To attain USA H3 Visa, the application Form I-129 must be filed by the US Company providing the training program. The supporting documents required from the applicant are:

  1. Company profile of the training program company
  2. Details of the training program like
  3. Nature of training
  4. Motive of training
  5. Benefits of training to the applicant
  6. Reason stating why the company would bear expenses of training the applicant without his/her employment
  7. Duration per week or number of hours fulfilled on on-the-job training
  8. Number of hours of work done
  9. The effect of the training program to the applicant in his/her home country
  10. Resource of the salary received by the applicant
  11. A synopsis of previous training program undertaken by the applicant
  12. A reason stating that the training program course is not available in the home country of the applicant
  13. Documents required from the petitioner:
    • Training program material
    • Photographs of premises of the petitioning company
  14. Documents from the applicant:
    • A copy of passport
    • A copy of educational documents
    • Letter of employment from the applicant’s US Company


The filing fee of USA H3 Visa is $190.

Application form

The application form of USA H3 Visa can be filled online by submitting the Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker.

Rejection reasons

Before issuing USA H3 Visa to the applicant, the Consular Officer of the United States of America views all the important aspects necessary to grant a visa. If the applicant is keen to get a training visa from the US, it becomes mandatory for him/her to be abreast with the reasons associated with USA H3 Visa rejection.

Deficit of proof

For the applicant to be granted a USA H3 Visa for a training program, only the sponsor or the company rendering the training program should submit all the documents regarding the same. The training material, for instance, the books, a course outline and the subject curriculum should be provided as a matter of proof of training. Any missed document may serve as one of the basis of rejection of USA H3 Visa.

Target of the applicant to reside in the United States

USA H3 Visa is a training program visa granted to non-immigrants of the United States of America. This visa is granted only when the training program the applicant wishes to pursue is not available in his/her home-land. This training program serves as a career base of the applicant in his/her home-land or other country and not United States of America. The applicant has to return to his own country before or on expiry date of the visa. Often, it is noticed that people who apply for USA H3 Visa also apply for H1B Visa which indicates that the applicant has planned to reside and take up service in the United States of America. Hence, when the US Consulate officer discovers the applicant’s aim of settling in US, his/her USA H3 Visa might face rejection.

Same training program offered in applicant’s home-land

The training program which the applicant wishes to pursue should not be offered in his home-land. If the US Consulate discovers so, chances are likely for the applicant’s visa to be rejected. As an alternative, it is advised to the applicant to submit strong documents affirming the training program you need in US.

No employment of applicant outside US

The United States consulate inspects whether the applicant is eligible and competent enough to seek employment in his/her own country or outside the United States of America upon finishing the training program. When the consulate discovers lack of employment of the applicant, this serves as a ground for rejection of USA H3 Visa.

Pursuing the same training program

The applicant’s USA H3 Visa might be rejected when the consular officer finds from any of your documents the same training program pursued.  

How long can stay or extension with this visa

USA H3 Visa remains official only for 2 years from the date of issue of visa. Once the visa is granted, the applicant can travel anywhere within the US under the training program. The visa can be extended within the two year period only. When the visa expires, the applicant has to travel back to his/her home country.  

This visa holders whether qualified to apply for other visas or citizenship

The applicants of USA H3 Visa can change their visa status by applying for H1B Visa only on a condition that the company or the employer they work for files the petition. When the status has been changed, the applicant can apply for citizenship.

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