H2B Visa Renewal

The United States government is perhaps one of the countries that have the most complex and strict immigration laws. This is no surprise since the US is composed of several states each having its own local laws and regulations. One of the challenges that the US government has to face is the regulation of non US citizen entry. One of the ways in which the US government monitors the entry of immigrants or non-immigrants is the issuances of H2B visas.

H2B working visas are issued to non US citizen that are hired by US based employers for a temporary non-agricultural work that is by nature a one-time only occurrence, seasonal, peak seasons, and of intermittent duration. Like any other visa application, the US government imposes strict H2B visa requirement both for first time application but also for H2B visa renewal.

What are the H2B visa requirements?

Before a non US citizen may apply for an H2B visa, the intended employer based in the US must meet the following requirements:

  • Lack of sufficient US citizen workers available and capable to do the job at the time of filing of the application.
  • The employment of a non US citizen will not lead to wage distortion or undue advantage in terms of salary and working conditions.

When the employer is certified, the foreign worker must comply with the requirements imposed by US government. Some of the basic requirements for first time application for H2B visa and the H2B visa renewal are:

  • Valid temporary labor certification.
  • Job contract, explaining the nature of the position and its responsibilities.
  • Other document proving that the employment is temporary.

Generally, there are lesser requirements when it comes to H2B visa renewal.

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