GRE Test

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examinations, in short GRE is a standardized test part of graduate admissions test worldwide. Those who want to take admission in any foreign university for graduate programmes should pass this exam. It was administered in 1949 by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Unlike other exams, candidates can choose their convenient date and time to appear for GRE. The test evaluates candidate’s verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills that are not related to any specific field of study. There are 2 types of GRE tests- General GRE test and Subject GRE test. The GRE Subject test assesses candidate's qualification in a specific field of study. It is meant mainly for Doctoral Study in the US and for Masters Level programs in some universities.

Eligibility/ Qualification

Anyone is eligible to take GRE General Test. There is no age limit or minimum qualifications to appear for this test. The test scores are valid for 5 years.


The GRE exam comprises of three distinct sections- Quantitative Section, Verbal Section and Analytical Writing Assessment Section.

  • Quantitative Section includes 28 questions on Mathematics. It covers areas including Number Systems, Percentages, Fractions & Decimals, Algebra- including Quadratic Equations, Geometry- including Basic Coordinate Geometry, Ratio & Proportion, Area & Volume of 2-D and 3-D figures, and Probability. The allotted time for this section is 45 minutes.
  • Verbal Section comprises of 30 questions to be finished within 30 minutes. The verbal section estimates the candidate’s vocabulary level, and basic skills of grammatically correct English coupled with reasoning and analysis. There will be four types of questions- Antonyms, Analogies, Sentence Completion, and Reading Comprehension.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment part includes 2 essay questions. For the first one candidate will have to write an essay on an issue explaining his/her views on it. This essay should be finished within 45 minutes. The second essay will be a critical analysis of a given argument which should be finished within 30 minutes.


The average score for each section of the GRE (from 2006-09) are 456 for Verbal, 590 for Quantitative and 3.8 for Writing. However one needs to score higher to get into the top-ranking universities/ schools.

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