Grandparents Day Celebrations

Grandparents Day is celebrated on September 11th every year by families to give special token of their love and thanks to the elder members in response to their unconditional love and support. Interestingly, grand parents’ day usually falls in between September 7 and September 13 every year as it symbolizes presence of grandparents support in the autumn years of the life. As an excert says “As we seek to strengthen the enduring values of the family, it is appropriate that we honor our grandparents," we should support our grand parents in their hard phase of life. By supporting and loving our grandparents, we are actually supporting our heritage and tradition.


Grandparents Day provide excellent opportunity to show your respect and love to your grandparents. It is way of honoring your grandparents for providing you better life. Further, it helps grandchildren in knowing the strength, information, and guidance they gain in the presence of their grandparents.


Grandparents day was initiated by a Virginian homemaker, Marian McQuade, as a compaign to honor grandparents. The day becomes so popular in the society that it had been declared as Grandparents Day in officiallly in 1973.

After few years, in 1978, the day had been accepted in US by that time President Jimmy Carter and from then it is being celebrated in the first half of the September every year.

Official Flower

Surprisingly, there are particular flowers to present your grandparents on their day. The ‘Forget-me-not’ flowers are official fowers for Grandparents Day, as they symboizes the memories of our grandparents are not faded out with the span of time. The flowers encourage us to create lasting memories by maintaining relationships between generations.

Official Song

A song “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa," by Johnny Prill was declared as the official grandparents day song in the US. The song delivers the actual feeling and strength of relation between grandparents and chidren in words.

Grandparents Day Celebrations:

The day is celebrated among the famiy members and there are many ways to make this day memorable and enjoyable.

Family Gathering: A family gathering is a perfect way to celebrate this occasion. A lunch or dinner with your grandparents will make them feel really proud of their chidren and grandchildren. The meal becomes special if it has favorite dishes of your grandparents. This type of gathering is capable of maintaining the warmth in the relationship.

Story telling: An opportunity to share experiences of your grandparents will be very enjoying and informative to you.

Games: Selecting games according to your Grandparents choice and playing them together will make the day memorable for life.

Visiting a Nursing Home: Planning a visit to a nursing home will be a great gift to those grandparents who do not have anybody to share their feelings and life.


Giving gifts is a small gesture of giving respect and love to your grandparents. Well, any gift given with true feelings is appropriate for the occasion. But, a gift that fullfil your grandparents desire will be great gesture from your side. You can gift a greeting card filled with your heartist feelings and love towards your grandparents or a scrapbook or album to keep the memories alive. Further, you can gift a sweater, coat, flowers, a book, and a pack of dry fruits, choclates, or a resting chair to your grandparents as per your choice.

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