Grandparents Day Activities

Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday that comes after Labor Day every year. The day is celebrated to give honor and love to your grandparents for the support and guidance they give to you and your parents in solving problems of life. The day is an acknowledgement of their unconditional love and blessings, which they shower on you at time when you are alone or sad.

With this, the grandparents can also take this as an excellent occasion to show the love they have for their grand children.

The day was initialized in West Virginia in 1973 and was set up a special day conserved just for grandparents.

Grandparents Day Activities:

People celebrate Grandparents Day according to their comfort and liking. Some families like to celebrate it privately in a small gathering of family members only. But some one wants it to be celebrated elaborately.

Families can do many things on this day, like they can ask their grandparents to tell some of their cherish moments of life including their moments from school or college days. The families can come together for a lunch or a dinner arranged according to the liking of grandparents. They can also go for a picnic together or can visit the favorite place of their grandparents.

Assembling of three or four generations together make this occasion very interesting and enjoyable. Connection between the oldest and the newest member of the family is unique and interesting to look at.

People should also remember to look after those grandparents who are living in shut-in or in nursing homes alone or far from their families. Visiting shut-in or nursing homes on this day can make the occasion memorable to old people, who do not have any family to look for.

Family members can show their talents by performing or doing something special like sculpting or quilting.

A get together embellished by old songs and dance of grandparents choice will make it more enjoyable for them.

Plan to take your grandparents to their school or college, so that they can remember all those cheerful days again. Well, schools can also organize this type of visit. This would help their students in developing a connection with older generation. Further, schools should allow students, who do not have grandparents, to bring grandparents who live near to their place or who do not have grand children with them.

Schools can also plan some activities like quizzes that involve both grandparents and students together.

An interview with grandparent regarding their experiences of life will work as an effective medium of expanding the knowledge of your students.

Making Greeting Cards: Designing and creating a greeting card specifically for grandparents will be an excellent gift for them. Schools could arrange for such an activity to enhance the knowledge and importance of grandparents in the life of their students.

Schools can also initiate an activity for their students to search out for words that are used for grandparents in different countries. The students can search them on different language tools.

Families and schools can plan a visit to nursing homes to meet old people who do not have children or grand children.

Families can also visit their ancestral home to remember old memories and connections of life.

A storytelling event for grandparents can be organized to share their memories.

Grand children can write poem and speech in honor to their grandparents.

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