Gothic Culture


The original Goths were in fact an Eastern Germanic ethnic group. This tribe had played a major role in collapsing the Western Roman Empire.

Gothic culture is believed to start in the United Kingdom during 1980s. People who follow the Gothic culture are not bound to be interested in same music, fashion and other sections. In 1982, when the Batcave was inaugurated in London’s Soho, it was proved that the Gothic culture was rising. The Batcave was an important gathering point for Gothic people.

Though the Gothic culture is believed to have been related with horror, it has inspired the artists and musicians as well. Usually Goths have fascination towards deep, dark and mysterious stuff and also a sort of romanticism. Artists, who decided to keep Gothic culture as the base of their work, used mysterious and romantic images to fulfill the purpose. This is one of the reasons why Gothic culture is different from other cultures. This culture emphasizes more on an individual’s identity, creativity and at times pessimism. Though most of the times, acts of hatred and violence are linked with Gothic culture, it is not the reality all the time and a matter of debate as well. Perhaps some misconceptions about the culture have led such type of mysterious cloud around it.


The Gothic dresses are usually of black, red, blue, green and golden color. They also highlight the vermilion shade. Goth women normally wear cote-hardie, a short A-shaped garment that opens in the center with buttons down on the front. It is tight-fitting around the shoulder, hips and waist portion. In some cases the outfit ends at the hips and laced up at the front or backside. Goths wear pourpoint under the cote-hardie. It is a short jacket with sleeves and lined with fur.

Gothic men normally wear a long dress known as houppelande. It is tight at the shoulders and worn with a belt at the waist line. The sleeves are split at the elbows to pass the hand through it and the left over portion of the sleeve is allowed to hang below.

Surcote is a traditional wear of Gothic women and these outfits are available in different versions. At times these gowns are cut away starting from arms to the hips. This would expose the cote hardie worn inside.

Men following Gothic culture include loads of black in their clothing. White shirts, black pants teamed up with a black vest and combat boots is a typical Gothic wardrobe.


The five-sided star, inscribed in a circle, is one of the most noticeable Gothic symbols. Goths believe that the five sides of the star represent the five elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. The circle means the completeness. Goths believe the number 666 as number of the Satan or beast. They use it in their accessories or clothes. Goths consider the Ankh as the key of life and it wakes up the spirits of dead persons. Goths use inverted cross as symbol of death.

The triangle of the fabled group, skulls, coffins, Illuminati, the Horus eye, the symbol for biohazard, and various animals are considered to be symbols of evil, like spiders, snakes, etc.


One of the most popular Gothic events is Whitby Gothic Weekend (WGW), the twice-yearly festival organized in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. It is called as simply Whitby by the attendees of the event. The event is held in the months of April and October. Goths from all over the world attend the event.

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