Gold Star Mother's Day 2017

What is Gold Star Mother's Day?

Gold Star Mother's Day was formed in the United States soon after World War I. This day was established to provide support for mothers who lost their sons and daughters in the war. The name Gold Star Mothers is a derivative of military families who adorned a service flag near the front window of their homes. This flag was set as a star for each family member serving in military in their country.

The Gold Star Mother's Day is a salute to all the mothers who sent their sons/daughters in military. The living military members are denoted by a blue star, but the gold star is for the family members who lost their sons/daughters while in the duty. This scrumptious day is commemorated on the last Sunday of September in their honor.

When was Gold Star Mother's Day formed?

The Gold Star Mother's Day was formed by Grace Darling Seibold of Washington D.C who lost her son in an aerial battle over France in August 1918. Since then, she began organizing a group of other women who, like her, had lost their sons and daughters in the war. The members of this group, and mothers of the killed served as a support and activity network for one another.

On June 4, 1928, the members of this group concluded to establish this group as a national organization. It was incorporated under the name American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. in Washington D.C. Initially, the group had only 65 members, but soon, the number increased as more women discovered and learned about this national organization.

What do people do on Gold Star Mother's Day?

Each year on the last Sunday of September, the United States President calls in the US government officials to decorate the nation's flag on all government buildings. They call on people to hoist the flag, and hold meetings at homes, churches, or other desirable places on the Gold Star Mother's Day to express their love, sorrow and reverence in public to the Gold Star mothers and their families.

The Gold Star Mother's Day provides emotional support to all its group/club members carrying on volunteer work with veterans in general besides rendering support to members of the veteran hospitals in particular. The members of this group nurture a sense of patriotism and respect for the members of the United States Armed Forces.

Gold Star Mother's Day 2017