Global Family Day 2017

Spread the message of peace and harmony on Global Family Day and celebrates on 1st January.

Global Family Day also celebrated as global day of peace and sharing represents the oneness of humanity that belong to different nationalities, cultures, races, political parties and economic classes. The festival has initially originated in the United States of America, and gradually gained importance all over the world symbolizing sharing and caring. Every year on the first day of January, many communities get together with each other to pass on the message of peace & happiness and spread the significance of non-violence.

Global Family Day is celebrated on first day of every year annually as that commences on 1st of January every year. The Global Family Day is celebrated in the United States as a day of peace and sharing, can also be called as "One Day of Peace" or "Day of Peace". It is also considered to a day of promoting peace in different ways, both with local communities and around the world. United National General Assembly made a declaration that the first day of New Year should be treated as One Day of Peace. As part of celebrations nothing is recorded as a part of history or origin.

Regardless of the country, religion, race, color of skin and political affiliation all families gather together on the first day of every year to celebrate the Day of Peace by sharing food and gifts among themselves. In spite of all the goings throughout the year they are united for peace and forgiveness.


People generally commemorate Global family day as a day of new beginnings and there is no specific proof for its actual origins. However, in 2001 United Nations has first recognized the “day of Peace” as an annual event and recommended to all Member States to recognize it as a new holiday. The main aim of celebrating this festival is – we, as a part of the global family should feel the responsibility to keep this world in harmony and make it as a safer place to live.

How to celebrate Global Family Day:

If you are planning to celebrate Global family Day with just your family and friends then you are totally mistaken. Always think in a broader sense and make it a perfect day by following one or more ideas –

  • reach out to the people in your neighbor hood and community

  • have small food ceremonies and share food with needy people

  • make pledges on spreading out the peace message

  • involve in community or cultural activities by ringing bells or beating drums

  • collect or donate money for humanitarian relief organizations

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Global Family Day 2017