Global Belly Laugh Day 2017

Do you plan to celebrate Belly laugh day?

People all over the world celebrate January 24 as Global Belly Laugh Day to commemorate and remember past laughs and to experience the benefits of happiness by connecting with new laughs. A hearty laugh is extremely important as it not only makes the anxiety and anger fade away but also enhances self-esteem, optimism and health. We all know how good it feels to laugh but only few of us have the knowledge about its therapeutic benefits.

Why Global Belly laugh day is celebrated?

Laughing is often a spontaneous reaction and every person should create an opportunity to laugh in order to avoid the gloomy situations and make his or her day happy and bright. Even though Global Belly Laugh Day was initially created to spread the awareness and importance of laughing benefits, today people are celebrating it all over the world with lots of smiles and amusement. Whether you want to boost your positive outlook or enhance your connections with people, whatever the reason might be, just go ahead and enjoy this day with great enthusiastic spirit.

Understand the benefits of laughing:

To face the day-to-day challenges in an amenable way, having sense of humor is very important for every person. A simple smile builds strong human relationships and works wonders on all age groups from small children to aged persons. It is a wonder tool to overcome the stress, tension, anger, irritation, depression and psychological disorders.

Improves the functioning of immune system, increases the pain tolerance and adds great health benefits. Moreover laughing for just 10 to 15 minutes burns an average of 50 calories and a just 15 seconds laugh adds two days to your life. It is a proven fact that humor in children has tremendously increased their intelligence, creativity, self-esteem and problem solving capabilities.

Global Belly Laugh Day 2017