Give Kids a Smile Day 2017

Every year celebrates on 1st Friday in February

Give Kids a Smile Day was started by American Dental Association. It was the nation’s first and largest approach to help children that belong to low income families with their dental needs and also to draw attention to the problems that many families face when they are trying to access basic dental care. Give Kids a Smile Day takes place in every state and it is celebrated on every first Friday of the February of every year.

Give Kids a Smile Day is a unique program that has been successfully executed each year and is yielding great results because of the generosity of the people who are being part of this charity program and awareness effort. Though it does not get that much attention which is required when compared to other health programs of children and these untreated dental disease become a big problem.

To help this silent epidemic a special event is organized every year during National Children’s Dental Month in the month of February which is called Give Kids a Smile Day.

Give Kids a Smile Day: On this day a free oral health care service is provided to thousands of low income children who are unable to access the basic needs of dental care across the world and also the participating dentists and other organization helps children as how to keep their teeth health and clean.  These instructions include:

  1. Tooth brushing
  2. Flossing Demonstration
  3. Some education displays done at some schools
  4. Some knowledge on the importance of health food and its consumption
  5. Importance of keeping the teeth healthly and clean
  6. Things to avoid that causes harm to the teeth.

The five major rules of healthy teeth is brush, floss, eating nutritious food, limit snacks & regular visit to your dentist.

The first day held for Children’s Dental Health Association was observed by American Dental Association on 8th February 1949; later the single day celebration was turned into a week’s event in 1955 and in 1981 this program was extended to a month celebration known as National Children’s Dental Health Month. And one day this month is celebrated as Give Kids a Smile day.

The observance of the same has been growing day by day and year by year and has been taken place of nationwide program. It has reached millions of people in different communities and countries and has a numerous armed service base everywhere. Though the official event of Give Kids a Smile Day is for a single day the dental access to care program goes far beyond a day. Dentist knows very well that charity is not a healthcare system but still they get involved in this noble cause and are providing care to those who cannot afford it and they are not doing it for just a day or a month it has been going around all the year.

Give Kids a Smile Day program enhances and promotes the oral health care of large number of needy children. Its activities also highlight some ongoing challenges that the families are generally facing with regard to their dental health care. Give Kids a Smile Day can be successfully conducted in any month and any day of the year; all you need to do is take up the challenge for the success of the same.

Give Kids a Smile Day Dates

2014 - 7th February

2015 - 6th February

2016 - 5th February

2017 - 3rd February

2018 - 2nd February

2019 - 1st February

2020 - 7th February

Give Kids a Smile Day 2017