Girl Scouts Day 2017

March 12th is celebrated as the Girl Scouts Day. The day is commemorated in memory of its founder Juliette Gordon Low. Juliette was born on this day in the year 1912 under The Savannah Georgia group with just 18 girls. Ever since, Girl Scouts has grown into a national organization.

How is this celebrated?

  • The day is celebrated to recognize Girl Scouts of the USA.

  • Also called the Girl Scout Sabbath or the Girl Scout Sunday, the celebrations go on for a whole week after that. On this day and during the week, the girl scouts set out on a cookie selling drive at all public places. The collections from selling these cookies generate income required to support activities of the scout.

  • During this week, the Scouts renew their Scout-Promise. The organization imparts valuable skills to the girls who join as members. The main idea behind the program is building self-esteem in the young girls through community service.

  • This year is very special as the organization completes 100 years of its successful existence. To celebrate this centenary year of the girl scouts, the organization has come up with the Share program where they are urging all girl scouts to share their stories and voice their opinions on various social issues.

Girl Scouts Day 2017