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The Greek-speaking tribes are believed to arrive in Greece between 1900 and 1600 BC. These tribes were known as Mycenaeans. At the time of invasion, there were indigenous pre-Greek people already residing in that region. They were not familiar with Greek language and agriculture was their primary occupation since the seventh millennium. Greek civilization had been spread to regions such as Egypt and Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. Since that time Greek minorities have been continuing to stay within earlier Greek territories those include Turkey, Albania, Italy and Libya, Levant, Armenia, Georgia etc. Greek immigrants have been absorbed into other societies throughout the world for example North America, Australia, Northern Europe, South Africa etc.


Greek meals are normally prepared by using following ingredients:

  • Olive oil
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Grains
  • Bread
  • Wine
  • Fish
  • Meats including poultry, rabbit and pork

Greek deserts are prepared by using more amounts of nuts and honey. Few dishes are cooked by using filo pastry. As Greek cuisine is diverse and at the same time there are few common characteristics among the cookery traditions of different regions.

The Below Mentioned Cuisines are Famous in Various Regions within Greece.

  • Kritiki
  • Kypriaki
  • Politiki
  • Pontiaki
  • Ionian islands 
  • Ipeirotiki
  • Macedonitiki


Ancient Greek people loved to wear simple clothes. They used to arrange their own clothes. Clothes were never stitched, but generally pinned. Clothes were pinned by the mother, daughters or female slave. The ancient Greek clothes were mostly representing the city or state as the Greeks were proud of their native land.  But clothing has been changed a lot in modern Greece. Now they are aware of new brands and the growing retail market.


The ancient Greeks were worshipping a number of Gods and Goddesses. Those Gods and Goddesses were representing a particular part of public life like water and sky. Greek people believe that Gods would protect them because of their worship.The Gods were believed to have human incarnation and powered with unbelievable characteristics. The Greeks had belief in animal sacrifice.  Often public sacrifices were being held in temple premises. Different festivals also played a major role in bringing the Greeks together.


A number of cultural events and festivals take place throughout Greece. Below mentioned are some of the major events in which a large number of people participate and enjoy:

  • Hellenic Festival
  • International Jazz & Blues Festival
  • Epidaurus Festival
  • The Film Festival of Thessaloniki
  • Rockwave Festival
  • Samothraki Festival
  • Sani Festival

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