General Pulaski Memorial Day 2015

General Pulaski Memorial Day is being celebrated on 11th October every year in the United States of America. It is observed as an honor to the General Kazimierz Pulaski who was a hero in the American Revolutionist. It started in the year 1929 when Congress passed a resolution and propounded this day to give homage to the legend. On this day President addresses the people and tells them about the glorious incidences. Every President has done this since the year 1930. It has been given the recognition of a national holiday, people attend various functions. In Chicago area they call it Casimir Pulaski Holiday. This is also connected to the battle of 1779 where general played a vital role. Now this is celebrated in all the provinces and government also gives proper support. Schools and Colleges also come up with various innovative ways of celebrating the day.

How to Celebrate the day

There are various celebrations done for the special General Pulaski Memorial Day. People Gather at one place and give speeches and address the various things related to the American Revolution by relating it to the General. People buy the disguise dress and visit places in the name of him and try to look like him. In all the government departments this day is celebrated as the national day and everybody participate in the various activities. Some people take resolutions to do good things in their life and decide to follow the ideals of the General Pulaski in their life. This way everybody becomes the witness of this famous day. Delegates from other countries are also invited to join the events so that it can get an international fame also.


On the General Pulaski Memorial Day various activities are held in all vicinities. President calls upon the meeting and addresses the proclamation and throws the light on the various things related to the day. Schools, Colleges and universities organize various thematic programmes and try to bring awareness about the day among the people. They prepare speeches, skits, heroic dramas, debates and other observations to attract the visitors. In families kids wear dress of soldiers and do march in their nearby areas and get a lot of respect. Apart from this people try to promote the special day over internet also. All the government websites post their comments. Face book, twitter and other blogs are also used to spread the views of the people.

Importance of the Day

General Pulaski Memorial Day has been a very important day in the Unites States. This day reminds about the heroic deed of the legend General Pulaski at the time of American Revolution. People understand the importance of patriotism and feel connected to the day. It is only because of the efforts such people, the countrymen are living in a free environment. Hence this day plays a crucial role in strengthening the society and giving a proper direction to all the stakeholders of the society.