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Growing up, I was in and out of trouble in group homes and other institutions, and when I was 14, I was locked up in a psychiatric hospital for a number of months for behavioral problems.

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I'm a very physical person. I'm very tactile. I wrestled in college, so a lot of my communication with the world comes through physicality - what I take in and what I put out there.

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Whether it's someone struggling with mental illness, someone struggling with poverty or struggling with their own limitations in their social behaviors, for some reason, I'm drawn to characters like that.

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I like writing, and I enjoy it. It's painful. You can't get around the pain of writing. I'm still trying to balance on what I think is my creative habit. It varies, but I do know that I need to continue. It helps me with my acting, and the writing helps me be invested in a different way.

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'Home' may be the best part and best movie I've ever had. I loved it.

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My grandmother was a Muslim. My mother is Christian. And I don't know what I am, but I believe in God.

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Even if there isn't a God, I believe in the one we've created.

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I want to work with non-profits that stimulate growth to the community. Whether it is economic growth, intellectual, or freedom.

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I don't need to be someone famous or George Clooney. I don't need to be any of these people to get involved in my community or reach out to one nationally.

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'The Wire' was a combination of great TV and great theater.

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The company Liberated People represents just not liberation of different nations around the world; it can be special liberation days. It can be what the company represents and helps highlight someone's personal liberation date.

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