Galway Oyster Festival 2016

The Galway International Oyster Festival is the most internationally recognized food festival celebrated in Ireland during September every year, which is the first month of the oyster season. This is world’s longest running International Oyster Festival. Started in 1954 by Brian Collins, Manager- Great Southern Hotel, it is now described as one of the 12 greatest shows on earth. Collins devised this idea to host an oyster festival to increase the influx of tourists to his hotel in the month of September and over the years the popularity of the festival only grew.

There are many events held during the food festival. There is Oyster Opening Championship, the Guinness Irish Oyster Opening championship and also the Guinness World Oyster Opening Championship. Beauty pageants, Mardi-Gras Party are also held. Various events are organized to whet the appetite of the visitors like a seafood trail in Galway’s finest restuarents, Taste of Sea/Blas na Mara, a show depicting the city’s seafood heroes, there is a Food village in the festive circuit, there are several competitions launched and there is a razzmatazz finale which has lots of activities for family, kids, cooking demos, music, cooking challenges and lots of other interesting events.

Galway Oyster Festival 2016 Schedule:

Opening Night - 23rd September

Saturday 24th September

World Oyster Opening Championships

Galway Oyster Festival Parade

2pm to 9pm – Opening Championships

Masquerade Mardi Gras - 8pm till late

Sunday 25th September 

Féile na Mara – Wild Atlantic Tastes

12pm to 7pm Sunday Family Day

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