Galway Arts Festival 2016

Galway Arts Festival is held every year in Galway, Ireland. This is Ireland’s largest international arts festival and over the year has gained prominence as a major European arts festival.

The festival is renowned internationally for its innovation and excellence. It was founded in the year 1978. A wide varieties of international artists are showcased in the festival in areas of music,theatre, family events and comedy. Apart from international artists, the festival also houses the best Irish talent.

Galway, situated off the coast of Atlantic Ocean has always been a centre for cultural excellence. During the arts festival the city turns into a cultural hub with over 150,000 people attending the 14 day long festival with so many national and international performances. The city is visited by hundreds and thousands of writers,artists,performers,musicians during the festival who perform theatre,street art, comedy ,literature and music. The festival is now synonymous with Galway is a major national and international attraction for visitors. The festival has huge contribution economically, artistically and socially to the west of Ireland.

World’s leading theatre and dance companies including Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre,the National Theatre, London, the Abbey Theatre and Galway’s Druid Theatre have performed in the arts festival. The platform in this festival gives artists the maximum exposure to showcase their talent and add to the magic of the festival.

Artists like Bill Viola, Joni Mitchell, Walker Evans,Blondie,Brodsky String Quartet, and Philip Glass have performed in the festival from 2008-2011.

Paul Fahy is the present Artistic Director of the Festival. In 2011 1,62,000 people attended the festival, there were 176 performances, with 27 venues for talks and exhibitions and the festival lasted for 14 days. Traditional music concerts are also presented in large scale in the festival and there are intimate settings and large scale street spectacle.With the ever increasing popularity of the Galway Arts Festival, it has become Ireland’s and the world’s one of the most important literary festivals.

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